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Posted by antigua3 on January 18, 2009, at 10:36:00

In reply to Re: FMS, posted by Looney Tunes on January 17, 2009, at 19:39:43

Memory is very complex, and more complex than perhaps either one of is suggesting.

I think that sometimes in FMS cases, "retrieved" memories are discounted as "implanted" memories. I think that's one point I was trying to make, but I wasn't very articulate.

I'm sure that cases of "implanted" memories by "bad" Ts can cause problems for families. There is probably no doubt about that, but separating out what is retrieved vs. implanted is a complex issue beyond my capabilities.

I just think that telling an abuse victim that they aren't to be believed because there isn't corroborating evidence causes real damage to those who are struggling to figure out what's going on with them. It makes it too easy to deny what happened, to not believe in ourselves.

So at the end of the day, as you suggest, many more things come into play as to whether I believe my memories are correct, if FMS is taken into consideration.

I just don't see it as so cut and dried. It's not a pure science, at least not yet, IMO. Work on memory is fascinating and there is so much that is still not known about how our mind and body store and retrieve memories.

I guess I have a problem w/differentiating between implanted vs. retrieved. Being told that the memories have in fact been implanted is extremely invalidating to someone who believes otherwise but has no corroborating evidence. Add in the fact that many abusers lie about what they did, it is easier to discount a memory because we're told told it's not true because there's no evidence.

Furthermore, I think the fear of being labeled as under the influence of FMS keeps people who are suffering from coming forward. That's important to me, too.

It's not easy to find out who the bad Ts are out there. Frankly, I've never run into one, but the "evidence" from FMS suggests that there are so many of them out there.

I don't know. I have to think about this more. It does upset me greatly, and given your response, I'm obviously not communicating my opinion very well.

Also, considering the source of the evolution of FMS only adds to my skepticism.





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