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Re: Anyone up for a dream interpretation? Annierose

Posted by DAisym on January 14, 2009, at 0:12:54

In reply to Anyone up for a dream interpretation?, posted by Annierose on January 12, 2009, at 17:54:07

*****I don't disagree with the other interpretations here - but I thought I'd offer some additional thoughts.

>>>I go to my therapy appointment. Instead of her office being in an office building, in my dream her office is at her house. She has a seperate side-door entrance for her clients. There is a small foyer with a simple bench and coffee table. I sit down and look around. The previous client leaves and my t motions for me to enter.

****Usually a house in a dream represents your self or soul and a therapist is a piece of wisdom from your unconscious - or the therapist could represent a nudge to face something you've been avoiding. Entrances to the house represent a way in to that material. So the fact that it was your therapist's house suggest that she is currently the keeper of your self (or soul). You've talked about how hard things have been so perhaps this dream is about using a different approach to the problem -- coming at it from the side. While you are waiting to go in, it doesn't sound like you feel threatened or uncomfortable - it is a simple bench and table. So is life simpler "outside" of therapy - as in in-between sessions?

>>>>Once inside - this therapy room is similar to her real life office. My t is speaking softly and is barely audible. I come to understand that she has lost most of her voice.

*****Now this is really interesting. Since you've been laying down for a long time and have only recently started sitting up, your therapist's voice is how you really know her. And now there are many more things competing for your attention - so she has lost most of her voice and she is "speaking softly." In fact "barely audible." Makes me wonder if you feel like you've lost a big part of her.

>>>>So she moves to sit next to me on the couch - but not too close. I'm on my usual end (far away as possible from her) and she is at the other end. She explains that she was sick over the weekend and her voice hasn't come back and asks if its okay that she sits there - so she doesn't have to strain her voice.

********Again - everything is changed about her - you are still in the same place. But she feels so much closer to you. And her being sick suggests a worry you have about her taking care of herself. But a classical dream interpretation would suggest that you don't trust your source of wisdom internally because it has been "sick"- you haven't been able to hear it and/or it has been completely silent, not offering you any guidance. And not wanting to strain what you are now hearing suggests that you feel fragile in many ways.

>>>>At first I am freaked out. But as she talks, I calm down and am happy she is there. I think to myself, "It's okay. She isn't going to touch me, I'm safe and it's kind of cool that both of us are looking out in the same direction." I feel excited - it's something new for the both of us.

********So here, you tune into her voice - "as she talks" and calm down. You figure out that she is still safe and it doesn't "touch" you (doesn't make you uncomfortable). Does that mean she doesn't "touch" anything sensitive or push you in a direction that you don't want to go. You are on the same page together - finally - after several tough months!

>>>Next thing I remember - we are at a restaurant with a couple other people. I do not know their relationship to my therapist --- they are just there with us.

*****People you do not know who show up in a dream are usually parts of yourself that you have been repressing or that you aren't comfortable letting people see. And you don't know their relationship to your therapist - so have these parts come out in therapy yet?

>>>>>I am careful not to eat any more than my therapist eats (and she doesn't eat too much because she's not feeling her best).

******So food usually represents emotional nourishment in dreams - and you aren't willing to eat more (ask for more? take more?) than your therapist shows you is OK. And while you are willing to follow her lead, you also note that she is not feeling her best. So do you think she could be more nurturing if she felt better - or did she feel that way when you were lying down?

>>>The bill comes and she reaches for the bill and insists on paying --- only to realize she left her purse at her office/home. I volunteer to pay the bill and she is relieved and reassures me that she will pay me back --- which I believe to be true. I am happy I can do this.

*****So money in dreams often represents power and self-esteem. So she has it - until you figure out she left it (the power?) in her office - outside, in the real world, she shares the power with you and you even have the wield your own power to "save" her. Not having money represents vulnerabilities - so she shares some with you and you feel great that she also has some. Sort of balances things.

>>>>Dream over.

*****Did you tell your therapist? What did she say?

And of course, I could be completely wrong.




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