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Re: Good blurb bout D.I.D. Wittgensteinz

Posted by Looney Tunes on January 13, 2009, at 14:26:59

In reply to Re: Good blurb bout D.I.D., posted by Wittgensteinz on January 13, 2009, at 4:09:46

Well, one problem of finding anyone with "authority on DID" is that actually, most of the "authorities" on DID or dissociation have been "debunked" by the FMS, "Stopbadtherapy movement," and others; including researchers like Judith Herman, Christine Curtois, and John Briere, to name a few.

Before I go on, I want to say that I think False Memories are VERY REAL. In my experiences with abused individuals, most remember their experiences to some extent. Their memories are not entirely forgetten, like a blank slate. People who create False Memories are usually (1) targets of bad therapy and (2) have other emotional problems that cause their needing to get attention.

That being said, I think Dr. Kluft has written the most and has treated the most dissociative clients, because his practice specializes in this. There is no disputing his "experience" in clinical cases.
What is disputed as always is the existence of DID. Can a personality really be comprised of many parts?

So, the fact that he specializes in this, and sees the majority of his practice in this, makes him a target for (1) people who do create false memories, and (2) people who want to discredit dissociation. It's like the more you do, the more you are open to attack. The more articles you write, the more people see your work, the more books you write, the more people see your work....
He was one of the originals to get MPD into the DSM (along with Frank Putman, Phillip C**ns, Colin Ross, etc)...

Are all his practices correct? I don't know. But I do know, he is considered a "grandfather" of the DID movement. ~ an expert in a VERY contverasial area.

Would it have been better to intereview someone like Dick Schwarz who created International Family Systems Therapy which 100% treats every client as a person with "parts" or "sub-personalities" whether DID or not. Probably not, because IFS is probably more contaversial because it assume everyone walking around is a personality of parts? Which goes against years and years of belief that an individual's personality is one unit and not parts.

I agree that Sybil should not have been mentioned, as it was later proved that her "personalities" were created IN therapy. She was not a true DID, but a person with a great deal of emotional problems who probably suffered abuse as a child, but not to the extent that was portrayed (science later proved that it was impossible).

Additionally, the majority of DID patients are not flamboyant like Sally Field portrayed. Most alters want to protect the system, not reveal that they exist.

But, DID is contaversial anyway, so utilizing the person who "wrote the book on it" to say in the interview I don't think hurt it. Perhaps adding other opinions would have been better; but I think the same issue would have been a problem if you used any DID research/expert.

Personally, I think this ShowTime movie is going to be another Sybil, except with humor attached. I don't think it will adequately represent people with dissociative disorders and again will do more harm than good. Because most "systems" do not behave as Showtime has shown thus far. (And I think Kluft says that).....

The best movie would be a documentary following people who are truly DID with collaborated evidence of abuse that probably led to the personalities splitting. Those DID people DO exist and getting a glimpse into their lives and how DID is a blessing and a curse would be a far better tribute to DID people than a movie on Showtime.

Excuse my spelling...I can't spell.




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