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Re: What a load of cr##.........!!! Wittgensteinz

Posted by fleeting flutterby on January 10, 2009, at 12:04:55

In reply to Re: What a load of cr##.........!!!, posted by Wittgensteinz on January 9, 2009, at 4:57:51

>>what is experienced from a child's point of you will necessarily be very different from the same 'thing' experienced by an adult (and how an adult might experience something will likely rest upon his/her own childhood experiences). Children are vulnerable and impressionable in a way that adults are not - to negate the weight of the effects of childhood trauma by saying "they get over it" is just ignorant.<<

------ YOU are so very wise. I agree with all this!

>> We all know that. A child is an adult in the making. Those things that happen during childhood stay with that person into adulthood.<<

----- If you knew my family, you wouldn't say "We ALL know"-- coz my family doesn't believe that. They think kids are kids and adults are adults and both are separate- therefore what happens to a kid doens't matter when they become an adult-- the slate is washed clean. *rolls eyes*... yea, what a family, huh?

>>As a fully-formed adult, we always have our past-experiences, our psychological 'foundations' to fall back on in the face of trauma. Children don't have that, especially if trauma is all they've known. I think that's the difference - that children don't necessarily have anything to fall back on.<<

----- Oh yes, you are so insightful. Like to this day I struggle to know what I should be upset about-- so much was shrugged off when I was a child.... to this day, I truly get confused over when I should defend myself or not.(T. says I have no sense of boundaries... not sure how I get that sense though.....)

>> And it's when bad things are taken as 'normal' that a person's very being is damaged - i.e. a child reasoning "bad things happen to me because I am bad". An adult probably wouldn't reach this reasoning unless they'd carried this on from childhood.<<

------ Wow-- it's as if you just looked into my very being.... yikes... kind of freaky!... you sure understand so much.

> I think if people take this statement too much to heart, they might use it as an excuse to waiver culpability "it doesn't matter, he won't remember it" or "it won't affect him when he's older" - I've heard these things said in relation to the practice of some medical procedures in very young babies without anesthetic. Circumcision for example. I think people have to be very careful before making such assumptions.
> Witti

------ So agree with you. Any human should be treated the very same whether they are 2 days old, 2 years old, 2 decades old or what......

thank you for reply-- you are so insightful.





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