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Re: General thoughts on the subject of responsibility seldomseen

Posted by susan47 on September 1, 2008, at 11:23:23

In reply to Re: General thoughts on the subject of responsibility susan47, posted by seldomseen on September 1, 2008, at 6:42:02

> I definately think that bad therapy can be repaired. I just think it can be hard to reach a resolution with the former therapist.
Hard, or IMPOSSIBLE? How can a resolution be reached if no responsibility is taken? The lack of responsibility leads to others being harmed. I can't sit down and pretend this didn't happen. It did. I was hurt. I could have died, easily, if I weren't borderline I may have committed suicide over this.
But I fly from one feeling to another; you have no idea. I can understand that. Don't worry about who gave me a borderline Dx. That is the thing you don't understand. Borderline is not crazy or the end of the world. It can be treated, and yes I'm getting DBT now from what I hope is a wonderful counsellor at my local mental health and addictions service. But who knows how long I will last in that program. I tend to fly from one feeling and event and thing to another in my life, because I'm so emotionally unstable, and it takes stable people around me to keep me grounded and centered, and I need family very much and I don't have family because my family of origin, for one thing, is so triggering, although I love each of them dearly and they love me, I have to maintain a good distance sometimes because I just am too deeply triggered by them. So my immediate family which includes an ex-SO and my two younger children are whom I rely on to keep me stable. I spent time in the hospital and my own Dx confirmed by several doctors there. Even if they didn't agree, I would be certain of my Dx simply because of the sure knowledge of myself over all these years, and past events which show that (a) I am emotionally unstable, and (b)I will do anything to avoid being abandoned. Abandonment is my biggest fear. None of the foregoing precludes my being a sensitive person with a big compassionate heart. It only makes everything more intense. Including my sense of disappointment in a therapist I truly felt deep, loving feelings towards.

> As far as being left to fend for yourself, that's a tough one. I can certainly appreciate how hard it is to trust in the first place. Not to mention how hard it would be to trust after a bad therapy experience.
Bad therapy experiences have to stop becoming the Norm. It has to Stop, and the bad Jokes about Borderlines also have to Stop. They have to STOP HERE. This is my mission, somehow I have to do this, to make sure this disrespect for people who are deeply emotional and passionate.

> However, there are a lot of people that have chosen to do just that and they post on this board. It's a long road to peace and there are a lot of obstacles on that road, but it can be traveled.

Seldomseen, you have apparently accepted the unacceptable.

> Regarding borderline personality, I don't think that is who you are at all. It may be a set of symptoms that you exhibit and need help with, but it's not the core of your person. Who told you that anyway? Was it the same T with whom you had the problems? How credible, in your mind, is that source?

I've already answered this, but in case you didn't get it, it's Me, and I am extremely credible.
> You are a good good person that has been deeply deeply hurt.

Yes, I am. By a therapist, on top of a family of origin. That is unacceptable. Why did it happen and how can it be prevented from happening in ithe future???





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