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Re: The Need to Reveal What Happened susan47

Posted by B2chica on August 28, 2008, at 12:35:49

In reply to Re: The Need to Reveal What Happened, posted by susan47 on August 28, 2008, at 12:19:55

no, that's not the problem (of feeling anything) that's the symptom....we need to learn how to accept it and deal with these feelings. how can we take them in.

1.stand back from them. take them in without attaching yourself, let them flow through you.

2.understand what they are. anger, sadness, pain. them in a way that is productive, tell someone, draw paint, exercise, yell at a team sport, cry at a movie.

4.understand that these emotions WILL come and GO. they ARE NOT PERMANANT. even if it feels like it.


i think DBT will REALLY help you with these feelings. i went through it and it didn't really help me at the time, but it has helped me lately. especially emotion regulation section. really take it in.

untill then
next time you call his office tell him, you know you are not supposed to call anymore, that your working on it, but for now you just need to do it.

personally? what's the huge deal. don't bash yourself because you make a phone call now and again to his office even though you've been "told not too". if you needed to, you needed to.
you didn't threaten him, you didn't ask for anything in return...just a message. maybe even just to hear his voice on the machine...what does that hurt.
and your working on it. rome wasn't built in a day ya know.

and YOU POST HERE TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over and over and over if that's what it takes.

h@ll i'm still posting about the same thing that i was a few years ago, and i don't hear anyone b@tching. people understand, you need to go over stuff over and over again to get through things. they dont just get gone on their own., sorry i went on my soapbox.
but you are a nice person.
you shouldn't be so dang hard on yourself.
it all takes time.

time...long, short, hellish, forever,
time...its this amazing concept that everyone understands and when it comes to people, no one has enough of.

take care

> And I am still telephoning his office from time to time, leaving the odd message here and there, especially when I feel suicidal, God I wish I didn't know what that really meant, but I do and I don't have to be doing it to feel it. That is my whole problem, the essence of my problem in this life, is that I can feel anything and I do.
> F*ck it.
> F*ck the whole damn thing. Because now I have to tell someone else, maybe a whole lot of people, I don't know, I have to reveal that I am still Doing It, still making calls now and then, still posting, still writing, Writing about the hell of it all, the hell I am living being Forced into living this day, and the heartlessness of some people, therapists included I don't care how it sounds. It just is.




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