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Re: waking up from mental I need therapy? med_empowered

Posted by nfc on August 19, 2008, at 7:53:18

In reply to waking up from mental I need therapy?, posted by med_empowered on August 18, 2008, at 16:10:26

hey med,

I would suggest therapy but only someone you're comfortable w/ venting on.

It seems that at this point, there's alot of emotions going on w/ you. I've been there or am there but in lesser sense. Posting here on babble helps to make that move from lesser to a stronger for someone else. I can relate in my own way of how I've matured because of being ill. I've been dx'd w/ skits and although another pdoc changed it, once you research the symptoms and they match to what you realize you had or still have, there's not much to change your mind really, for me anyway and I have to accept that and taking these meds, perhaps for life. sucks don't it. I've wasted time too being psycho then depressed. wasted at least a good 5 years of my life that coulda seen more productivity. A saying I came up w/ when I was younger was "Time waits for no one so its what you do during that time is what counts." I thought I'd always be doing something for myself that made me happy and would always be putting myself ahead at some point but once I got ill unfortunately it stopped me in my tracks like a million layered brick wall and like the rest of us here on babble, you, me, others around the world are left alone in each our own way, left to pick up the pieces of our lives and try our best to move on.

$%&* happens and its how you pick yourself up outta the hole and how you push yourself in moving forward is what really matters.

all the guilt, shame over things that were done were not your fault. w/o all the psychosis you woulda been a totally different person. that's something hard for me to accept once my psychosis was in remission and i realized what things I had said and done.

try not to look so much as to other people and there situations and compare yourself to them. that brought me down alot when I did that. seeing everyone else like at church or at work all smiles while you feel ashamed, guilty, depressed, flat, awful just sucked and made u keep to yourself as much as u could.

my advice to you is to as much as possible get symptoms under control and lessen the meds to a necessary level so you're not so medicated and can actually feel alive. analyze yourself and see areas you want to improve in and take steps to someday get there. baby steps like they say. don't count them just act on them. paying too much attention to minute progress makes everything seem like its moving too slow. sorry just my babble. its like u just gotta rehab yourself. find a therapist you can just vent on or someone IRL or someone here, heck u can babble me or anyone else here for that matter. I've grumbled and said a truckload of things i was pissed at and over time made me feel better. get the load off my chest ya' know. yeah no pill will help these kinds of situations. we each have to help ourselves really. w/ help from others around us as well.

yeah i could say the same thing about the having a significant other to help you deal w/ the world. don't feel so bad, alot of growth is to be learned by being single. work on being a stronger, happier person. soon enough you'll catch someone's eye and the rest of the happy story you'll have to write out yourself. :)

take care and hang in there,





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