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Re: Never a dumb question

Posted by rskontos on January 4, 2008, at 18:20:57

In reply to Re: Never a dumb question star008, posted by Dinah on January 4, 2008, at 17:28:41

Dinah, you ask about peeps, I am the one that started calling them peeps. I hate the word alters and my old therapists called them alters. My inners got hateful at that word so I called them peeps someone else on this site called them peeps first and I adopted the terms because I felt comfortable with it at the time. I don't know if my alters are comfortable with the terms or not because we don't talk yet. When they come out I am gone totally for the most part. They do take over my consciousness. I have lost so much time I have lost days and sometimes weeks. I have awaken in different places wearing different clothes. I have bought stuff I don't remember. I have driven places and dont know it. It is scarey but it is. I have met people I swear I don't know but know stuff about me that it is apparent I have meet them but I DONT remember them. So I would fake it sometimes and sometimes I would leave and never call them back. Sometimes I just wouldnt answer the phone. Now if my others have different names i don't know yet. My new doc and I aren't that far. I am scared to find out in some ways. So the question about the term peeps if my doing but I can 't answer it for mine because I don't know what they like. I know they don't like or trust my new p-doc because they try to prevent me from getting there. It takes me 45 mins to 1 hour to drive the 15 mins. it should take. they interfere big time. but we finally get there. He says this is how I know I am doing to the right thing. THey have no reason to trust him yet. They are around to protect me. I just wish they would not use driving to try and stop me from getting there. It is dangerous. But he and I have strategies to help me stay safe. So mine do and can take over my consciousness. I am now better at knowing the signs which my new pdoc Dr. X has helped me know and understand. It is so weird and scary and I have one peep that tries to make me deny their existence. She gets me so worked up. she is the one that usually takes over. I am getting some control over staying but it is more like an out of body experience that I have to fight to stay. Sometimes I can only hear stuff. You can ask me I don't mind. It does help to talk about it however weird it is to talk about. And as my new doc says I am not crazy. I keep saying I feel that way and he keeps saying I am not. Oh and the voices. They can chatter up a storm at least mine can. And the flashes of them I have been getting. When my eyes aren't closed that is new. Have I scared you yet..........let me know when I do....rsk




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