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Re: Hey some good info and ideas here, for anyone.... star008

Posted by muffled on January 3, 2008, at 22:55:51

In reply to Re: Hey some good info and ideas here, for anyone.... muffled, posted by star008 on January 3, 2008, at 20:01:05

> thx for the link muffled.. lots of good info there..some of it makes me nervous when i read u get that way??

*well, maybe some, but I have found very little info on the net bout DD but LOTS on DID. Some DID stuff fits naturally enuf, and being that I can't find much other info I end up picking thru DID stuff. So I am used to it. Plus, you SO got to take with a LARGE grain of salt anything you read on the net. I have been to sites that come across as so professional etc, and as I read thru them OMG!!! They wacked!
However I must say LOL, that i was happy to skim thru this part on that site:

"It must be made clear that the diagnostic criteria for MPD are quite specific. To be a multiple, a person must have two or more alter selves who have their own ideas about themselves and their world. This is more than merely having different aspects to your personality or even different inner parts. Alters are "someone else". They can take over the person's behavior and/or body, during which time the person loses time and/or a complete sense of her personal identity. However, I believe one of the most important things to remember about MPD is that it is personality-based - a way of being, rather than a structured state. The form of multiplicity for each person reflects the uniqueness of their personality and, because of this, there are as many rich, complex and different expressions of multiplicity as there are multiples. Meeting the three diagnostic criteria makes someone multiple - the rest is just style."

*So from this I would say the three things that make one 'fit' the DX of DID are:
1.two or more DISTINCT personalities(I have my peeps, but, while they are who they are....well, its not like I jeckyll and hyde or something...)
2.time loss(I don't really lose time in a distinct way, not really, I don't 'come to' not knowing whats happened. Not to say I never have, but its rare)
3.Oh hell I dunno what 3 was!!! It'll come to me...
HA! It did. Its the degree in which it interferes with your life.(So I don't generally have huge probs with inappropriate 'switching' if you want to call it that. It interferes in my life in that I am ashamed of it, in that I am inappropriate sometimes and I can't seem to stop it. But not grossly so. Just bad, but not TOO bad....)
So anyways, for me to read the other stuff is reassuring in many ways cuz I guess reading it makes me realize mebbe I not totally crazy...the stuff thats written makes good sense. I can understand it. Its not just me being an idiot. I'm not the only one. Etc.
But see DD lies on a CONTINUUM. Its not just 'you got DID', or 'not'. Cuz its got a whole range of degree, and where does DD start/end, and where does DDNOS start/end, and where does DID start/end?
So I thot of getting tested, and trying to be straight up bout it, but then i thot, whats the point? I know what I am, I don't need a label. Sides awhile back I WAS tested(*I* didn't realize it, but another part did and lied like a frikken rug, and DAMN, she was good at it I am ashamed to say. So even at that, who is to say the lying won't come up again? I don't care anyways as I said. P-doc just labelled me GAD-generalized anxiety disorder, and put me on seroquel...)
I seem to have a part of me thats awfully clever....too bad she not around more!LOL!
Oh well.
So if you are disturbed by this website and you DO want to have some sort of concrete scientific evidence of your disorder, then go get tested. It may or may not indicate anything, depending on who is doing the talking.
So don't sweat it all right?
Take care,




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