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Re: Rskontos??? ok but might have triggers for som

Posted by muffled on January 1, 2008, at 13:24:42

In reply to Re: Rskontos??? ok but might have triggers for som, posted by rskontos on January 1, 2008, at 12:56:54

Rsk, can you do ONE thing for me?
Just ONE thing.
Just try taking the xanax as prescribed to see if it works for you.
It does WONDERS for me.
I wondered that you might get QUITE disrupted by this new p-doc thing. I think I mentioned this briefly in a post awhile ago. But I didn't want to be a wet blanket.
***ITS OK****
I have found that when there is big change, then there tends to be big internal disruption....
So to me, you are being absolutely the way we are anyways.
I dunno how helpful that is to you.
You can bmail me if you want, if your too nervous to post.
I like posting cuz it helps others.
But if you too nervous, thats ok, sometimes you have to give and take with your 'peeps'.
There are likely some of your peeps that were/are more attached to your old T. Can you discuss this with p-doc? I think you need to try and calm your internal world, I think this can be done in conjunction with meds.
Try and realize there are alot of different reactions going on internally, and mebbe the meds can help calm others.
They are understandably upset.
They can and will calm down.
I wonder that you can discuss the termination w/old T w/p-doc as this may be quite important to some of your peeps.
ALL of your peeps count.
They all matter.
Post/bmail if you can.
I know its hard right now, but you can achieve some measure of order.
I think meds will help that.
Can you tell your peeps that they WILL be heard, but right now, they won't, unless they can calm down and achieve some order?
Can you tell them you understand that they are upset, but they nedd to SLOW down and give things a chance to move in a more orderly fashion?
Keep teeling your peeps these things.
Over and over and over.
I have found that I need to repeat the same words over SO many times for them to be heard.
Maybe try saying/doing some calming things over and over.
You need to learn some thought stopping techniques for when theres intrusive bad thots.
Basically I just say STOP alound, and redirect my thots elsewhere, hopefully to safer places. I do this as many times as needed. The level of volume on my STOP, corresponds with the intensity of the intrusion.
I hope this is not confusing you.
And of course, as a last addenum, if you feel you are not safe, please consider the safety of hospital for a short term stay as needed to get over this hump.
Be safe.
PLEASE try the xanax as prescribed.
Talk to me.
Take care,




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