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Embarrassing T Story

Posted by arora on September 8, 2007, at 4:40:50

Ok, since TherapyGirl said she loved embarrassing stories... this is mine. :-0 It's a bit long-winded, so bear with me....

I have a friend who would like to become a therapist. About 2 years ago he did an introductory course, (which was certified) in Person-Centered based therapy... it was quite in-depth, and two terms long. He decided Person-Centered wasn't quite the technique he wanted to practice, but the course he did actually want was full- so he did ANOTHER intro course... (this one was Gestalt, or something like that. Again, he completed the course.

Then, full of confidence he applied once more for the course he wanted, (at an institute I'll call "Psychodynamics-R-Us") only to be told he couldn't be accepted unless he did ANOTHER basic intro course. Theirs. (Despite the fact that theirs wasn't certified- was even more basic than the two he'd already done, and covered pretty much the same material. But was more expensive).

He was, as you can imagine VERY upset- and he rang and told me this not long before I was scheduled to see my T, and I went to the session absolutely fuming at how he had been treated. I was already becoming disillusioned with therapy anyway, (my T and I did NOT click at all) so I had a bit of a rant about how this greedy, self-serving, controlling, (I think I might have used that time-honored psychodynamic phrase "anally retentive") institute did not recognise nor respect any other therapeutic technique other than their own.

My T said nothing.

I told all this later to my friend, (he was always curious as to how my sessions went) and he nearly collapsed he was laughing so hard... because that's where my T had trained! ! ! .... and hadn't the name of the agency she worked for, (which I'll call "Therapists-R-Us") given me a LITTLE bit of a clue?!

er- no. I had somehow missed that rather important detail.

All I could think was how I had slagged off the place she had got her degree BIG time (for a good 10-15 minutes!) and she never even batted an eye. (My memory isn't great, but I am sure I said they were control freaks- ROFL!!)

I would just love to see her notes on me..... :-D





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