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Re: Forced Termination and Hatred *Trigger SI* RealMe

Posted by Maria01 on September 3, 2007, at 19:59:12

In reply to Re: Forced Termination and Hatred *Trigger SI* Maria01, posted by RealMe on September 2, 2007, at 22:29:38

Your kitties sound like little treasures! My girls will playfight, and you would think the younger one were being killed. She will start to yell if she is even approached by the other one....the little kitty who cried wolf.

I am so sorry Sigi get ill from the tainted cat food. We have seen so much of that in the office where I work; it breaks my heart. These helpless little guys with renal failure way too soon. Lots of heartbroken people. The worst part of my job by far...

Yes, my aunt was really appalled at how my termination was handled. I never discussed my therapy with her, she only knew I was in therapy. She knew the full story once I was terminated, and she was appalled at how it was handled and suggested that the intern be pulled from internship if she felt so triggered.

Fortunately, I researched my current T thoroughly. I was able to find some info on her via Google, and the PsychToday referral listing, and I was able to verify that her license was in good standing with no suspensions, etc. I wish more people knew how to do this; it would save them a lot of trouble, etc. I also asked her point-blank in the initial interview if she has had suspensions or other blackmarks against her license. She wasn't defensive, and that told me volumes that she had nothing to hide. She essentially was put thru the Spanish Inquistion =) I had spoken with another T who seemed so arrogant, I told her right over the phone we would not be a good match.

For anyone, especially in the business to bad-mouth Meninger's is not a good Everyone has their difference of opinion, but for another clinician to openly bad-mouth another T or hospital is low-class and very unprofessional. I'm glad you found a good T as well. I was so sad to hear what you had gone thru with him and the ECT. *shakes head* I think both of us (and anyone else who has gone thru negative experiences with T's) need and deserve a good, solid connection with a good T.

I am pretty appalled that very soon, the state I live in will see fit to grant my former T/ intern a license to practice. My aunt used to supervise interns, and sometimes one wasn't quite ready to practice. She made no bones if they weren't ready. My former T's supervisor didn't seem particularly alarmed when I spoke with her; she tried to wriggle out of it by saying things like "Maybe she meant to say it a different way..."Maybe you heard her wrong" Uh, no. I know what she said, and I know what I heard. There is nothing worse than sitting in front of your T, and then seeing their eyes go stone cold while they read you out. That's when I knew something was really wrong, and it wasn't me....still, it was hard initially for me to not blame myself somehow. I then mentally replayed the whole episode, and knew that my T had a lot of was like she "split off"...oy!

Anyway, pets to those sweet kitties, and chances are your sweet Freya does miss her female companion kitty. They form very tight bonds. I used to volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter and would see firsthand the relationships these sweet little guys would form. It really took my breath away. I used to also volunteer with terminally ill kitties, and would see how their eventual passing affected the others. Cats never cease to amaze me!

Pets and good thoughts to your Sigi and Freya. ^..^




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