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Re: Forced Termination and Hatred *Trigger SI* Maria01

Posted by RealMe on September 2, 2007, at 22:29:38

In reply to Re: Forced Termination and Hatred *Trigger SI* RealMe, posted by Maria01 on September 2, 2007, at 21:12:35

Thanks Maria

I love my kitties too; Sigi is such a loveable boy. Freyja is very needy. We had an older female when we got them, and unfortunately she needed to be put to sleep before they were a year old. She was a good mama to two differenct "twins" I brought home and outlived the earlier ones who got cancer. These two are only nine years old. Male got the kidney problems from the wheat gluten. Hills paid $200 toward our vet bill as it was their one and only food with wheat gluten in it he was eating. Freyja is a tubby and needs to lose weight and is slowly but surely. She is already down to half the insulin dose she sterted on, but she is very needy. I think the death of the older female really impacted on her. She used to cuddle with her. Cats are very interesting. She is still very demanding, and the jealousy between the two is so funny at times. The green eyed monster rears it's ugly head, and then off they go rolling on the floor. No biting, no scratching, but you would swear Freyja is being killed. I let um go at it. I used to rescue her thinking she was being hurt, but she wasn't.

I just am so struck by what happened with you old therapist. I bet your aunt was shocked too. I just don't get it. I know that even though I don't write a letter for my pracitcum student, she will end up getting some sort of an internship, inforaml if not formal. And she will get licensed. This is why one cannot assume that a therapist will be good, psychiatrist, psychologist, or social worker just because they were trained. Best for people to check thinks out as best as possible just as you would a plumbe or a roofer, etc. In fact, I would say it is even more important. Find out the person's training, experience, and if possbible what others might have to say about that person. I asked around and mades some calls before setttling on my current therapist. I checked him out on google--but not much there. I had even called a female and made an appointment with her, but canceled it. Over the phone she turned me off by bad-mouthing Menninger's. Hell they were number one in the country for psychiatry when I trained there, and she is going to bad mouth them becasue they never "forced" me to deal with certain issues in my therapy previous to my training. Well she got scratched off the list real fast. She would "force" me to address things. Hum!

I know most people don't do their research re a therapist, and most people would have no idea what sort of therapy they might want. Most people who do short term therapy approaches bad-mouth the folks who do long-term therapy and think insight is just the ahah experience which tells me they do not really understand what is meant by insight. Insight include the ahah experience but also includes behavior changes. Insight is not just understanding. The end. Well enough of my blabbering. Glad you found another position. I think we will just stay over night and head home, and so Freyja will get at least one insulin shot for the two days, and she can eat Sigi's food for one day. Sigi, however, cannot eat her food ever. I know that. He sneaks sometimes when I am not looking, and I have to shoo him away. Poor little boy; he doesn't know any better. So good tonight taking his treatment. He snuggles with me while my husband sticks the needle in and lets the bag drip. All the time he is next to me snuggling and purring away. He is a lover not a fighter, and lets me stick my face in his belly too. Never had a male that would allow that. So, I will give them scratches on the tummy before I go to bed.





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