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Re: Forced Termination and Hatred *Trigger SI* ForeverWounded

Posted by Dory on August 31, 2007, at 10:43:29

In reply to Forced Termination and Hatred *Trigger SI*, posted by ForeverWounded on August 31, 2007, at 5:27:36

i went through forced termination.. i said on here that he moved away but fessed up in it may show up as him moving..but he didn't. There was a cap on the sessions so that part was painful but i could see the reason as being out of his hands.. until i found a way he could see me at the other clinic but he chose not to. THEN i was so badly hurt. But felt so much like i wanted to please him that i still went along with what he was doing and what he wanted... i went out and found another T. i did talk to him about being afraid of another T and that helped some. It helped more that the new T has treated me better and i think is a better T in the long run even though i am not as emotionally attracted. i am attached quite strongly but it's different somehow.

i never hated him though i can understand why you might. My inability to express anger or even feel it strongly when i feel i'm being mistreated is one of my issues anyway.

i do know that one person on babble did feel angry and did do things to "get back" at her/his T. i am trying to remember and maybe she (?) is still reading and will respond. The name was something like "crushedout" or something like that. Try a search and see what you find. i think she found it cathartic but i don't know that it would be for most people.

The hatred and strong rxn are huge things to deal with.. i am sorry you are in such pain. They do give you a lot to look at and think about and i wish you had another good T to do that with. i perfectly understand why you don't want to. i fell for a counsellor 10 yrs ago and i suffered when he pushed me away and then left... it took that whole 10 yrs before i was willing to see one again and i was in pretty bad shape before i would.

i won't tell you to seek another one because i can feel the pain and anger... i do hear it. It would so hard to form any sort of alliance to work with another T and sift through it. But i do hope you find a way, through self-help or another T or something. It isn't your birthright to suffer for his poor decisions.

i agree that it's horrid and wrong for a T to do what he is doing. There are so many ways he could have helped you and i can't imagine why he would be so blind to your strong attachment. That was the one thing i did give my old T sh*t for... he should have addressed my attachment and he couldn't tell me he didn't see it.

Babblers are good people regardless of my opinion about someone un-named. i adore and respect so many of them. i hope you come to do the same. i miss them. My own posting will be limited because of my personal feelings about policies.

welcome and please, remember this, please be careful about what you say about yourself here. Please be careful about being too detailed about personal information and your own situation. Once it's here, it's here to stay regardless. People have been hurt and some have been placed in risky scenarios due to that.

i don't wish to scare you, just forewarn you so as to avoid distress.

much love and peace




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