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Re: How it went LlurpsieNoodle

Posted by muffled on July 3, 2007, at 23:44:08

In reply to How it went, posted by LlurpsieNoodle on July 3, 2007, at 13:19:10

> Mainly I stood by the kitchen window and asked everyone what they'd like. A whole bunch of people came up as soon as the doors opened, that was stressful (but nowhere near the stress of hearing the policeman's horror stories...)

**LOL, you should see me get mobbed when I bring goodies out!!! I feel like the most popular girl in the WORLD!!!!!!
People try and say its the treats, but I ever insist its just ME! they want!
Maybe you can make a play on that with the initial rush, they rushing cuz they know you got good cookin good lookin!
Its the same when we open doors at 7 a.m., esp in winter. There's lineup, the doors open and wham! in they come, powdered creamer fills the do certain other aromas...
But mostly i love to look people in the eye, smile, and say good morning! I get the most lovely responses back.
> Most of the people were quiet, or grateful, and polite. Definitely some folks who were a little slow, tired. One who was very agitated and pacing (had been in the police station earlier that evening after supposed encounter with dangerous foe who existed only in his head). The lady in charge pointed out some of the regulars, including a guy with schizophrenia (very nice and sociable) and a couple who have jobs by day but can't afford to live at their own place. About 50 people total.

**If you keep at it, its rewarding to see people and help them feel they somebody, not just crap on the street. Its nice for the people to be able to recognize a familiar face as well.
> I was on kitchen duty the whole time, and it was nice.

**are you able to chat or at least greet people and stuff?
> When I came home, I got lost and ended up having to back up a narrow winding lane for about 300feet because I made a wrong turn and no way out. I HATE backing up in the car. so dark. couldn't see my hand in front of my face.

**BUMMER :-( But ya DID it!
> Then we watched an episode of X-files and my mind was really really busy and I tried to fall asleep but I had too much on my mind. The last thing I wanted to do was take a pill. But after 2 hours That's what I did. :(
> I think I go back next weekend. They need people to work in the evenings on weekends.

**serving supper or just snax and coffee?
> That's all
> Good luck Angela- hope you have as positive experience as I did (minus the getting lost in scary dark neighborhood)

**Guess the only other thing to be prepared for is death. We lose a person or so at least every month it seems like...
And seeing pregnant users :-(
And little kids :-(
And young people :-(
Hearing their stories can be interesting (if you can beleive any of what some say....), but its fun to listen, and people like to be listened to.
Good for you and Angela for doing this work.
One last thing....try and stay out of 'workplace' politics...dunno how well run your places are, but the one I go to has some serious probs....and the 'political' backbiting and crap just takes any shine away...
I also assume there's a bathroom for staff and volunteer use thats separate...?
Its a minefield..
But rewarding too.




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