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Sometimes I feel so guilty...

Posted by muffled on June 28, 2007, at 16:10:05

I got a roof over my head.
I got a TV.
I got a car.
We even eat OUT lots.
We rent videos.
And I am alittle ashamed cuz I really have been splurged in that I have a HS adsl internet connection which is very expensive.
I have a dog.
I have a cellphone.
I have a camera.
I have a FANCY washer and a dryer too.(dryer not fancy)
I have a trailer.
I live in a peaceful area.
We get reasonable medical care.
None of my stuff, except where stated is fancy, but I HAVE it.
I got STUFF.
So I dunno. Sometimes I think I should just sell whatever someone would buy (proly not much of it...) but sell what I can. Live in abject poverty, refuse medical care, send all my money cept for BASICS away to others more deserving of it than I.
No therapy. I will just live simply and allow my scars to multiply when I have my episodes. I can duct tape them shut.
Or mebbe if I am forced to, I will just grow up?
When I am off the wall, I will send my kids to relatives while I wait for my emotions to pass.
I will live a portion of my life in a tortured confusion of fear. Like those in other countries, somewhat perhaps...just a scaled down version of it...
Then its more fair.........its not fair I have what to me is so much, and others have nothing...

There ARE alot of pitfalls to therapy. I have NO question of that. NONE. Its an imperfect science at best. Different personalities of people , dealing with diff personalities of people. No two the same.
I also feel that therapy HELPS ALOT many people. I think its like meds, you goto weigh the benefits to the side effects....
and I wish ALL could afford T. Sadly, many who COULD benefit ALOT from T cannot financially afford it...
Sigh, its NOT fair...
its a HUGE topic, one of those one I feel are SO broad that there will be no simple easy answers.
An endless topic fraught with possible hurt.
Maybe not a great topic, I dunno.
Life is not fair, it just isn't.
Thats my thots.




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