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Back ***hospital trig » Lindenblüte

Posted by ElaineM on November 18, 2006, at 11:55:16

In reply to Re: I'm going » ElaineM, posted by Lindenblüte on November 17, 2006, at 8:55:35

Thanks Li. I got in late last night. I was waiting for 7.5hours to be seen. Then I got moved to an exam room where I waited alone for 1.5hours until a doc showed up. Five minutes into talking with me he got paged over the intercom and left for another 1.5hours. Came back and sped through the rest of the assessment. Didn't order xray. Didn't take blood. Took a urineanalysis which didn't have results come back in time, before they discharged me. THough the doc did say that he thought the specialist I'd seen was a jerk. He said he was completely unsatisfied with his (non)explanations. ER-Doc even admitted that he would be only attempting to treat the symtpoms and not the cause - which is what the specialist refused to admit (he said the symptoms *were* the cause). ER-Doc gave me a quick acting short dose of med that should have an effect by Monday. If not, he said to come back and ask for him. THe thing that worries me is that the safety of taking this med depends on his (unconfirmed with tests) opinion that I don't have this dangerous counterindication. It's possible, but he said he didn't think so. So I'm scared. When he was getting ready to leave he backed up and put his hand to his face and said, "I can't help but wonder if we're missing something here." !!!!!!!!! Not the greatest thing to say to me before they booted me out.

I hate hospitals. So many sick people and massive wait times. Docs move soooooo slowly. EVen the ambulances couldn't move their patients through much faster. One woman near me ended up waiting 9 hours to be seen. Strechers left beeping in the hallways. One disoriented guy sitting on the other side of the room passed out (or had a seizure) and fell full bodyweight, head first against a metal magazine rack and gouged his head. We all started panicking cause he started groaning and a pool of blood was spreading, but he couldn't move. Just lay as he fell, crumpled on his head. One woman ran out and grabbed a paramedic who was on his way out and dragged him in. It took them 5minutes to move this poor guy. They finally had five others come in and push all the benches and chairs around blocking us in a corner and wheeled in a big stretcher. THen it took 15minutes for a cleaner to come. I had a bit of a panic attack and started crying when it was happening. A couple of people pushed their way out cause they were feeling nauseous watching it. The woman who went for the paramedic asked what the man had been complaining of, and the triage nurse said that he said he had a headache. The only thing the triage nurse does was take BP, pulse, and temp, and collect whatever symptoms the patient volunteers (I sat and watch the triage station alot during my 7+hours of time to kill [which was in a hallway corner with a stack chair and portable computer stand]). I guess she should've done some quick manual neurological tests. But not just this one poor guy, I'm shocked that every severely ill person coming through an ER doesn't die right there. It's terrible.

So it wasn't what I was hoping for. (I've been waiting ages and I didn't want to leave without something being done) But it could've been worse I guess. I've been too scared and tired to try the scary med today, so I'm waiting until tomorrow (so that Monday will be closer then) to try it. I'm really scared.

Blove, EL




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