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Re: Unconditional acceptance - update of sorts » annierose

Posted by Dinah on November 10, 2006, at 17:20:36

In reply to Re: Unconditional acceptance - update of sorts » Dinah, posted by annierose on November 10, 2006, at 16:54:40

Yeah, I do know what you mean. There are times I feel like that. Times when I feel like he's more interested in what I'm doing than who I am. And it irritates me to have him so interested in how I'm doing with my mother, or have I put in enough hours at work.

Those things are fine sometimes, but sometimes they just feel wrong. Like maybe I'm on one plane of existance, and he's on another, and we're just not touching in such a way that talking about those things seem right.

Sometimes it just takes another day and a fresh start, and maybe a fresh perspective, to put things in a better state.

You've told her what you're thinking now, and while she may not have responded as you'd like this session, she might mull it over between sessions. I sure hope so, because I know how much this is hurting you at a time when you really don't need more hurt.

You know, I think my therapist is unusually good at switching horses midstream. I say he's trainable, but I think that's unfair to him. I think it's more his nature to be flexible. Don't be discouraged that things didn't turn around today.

The other client hasn't come up lately, so we didn't have to discuss that (a parting of the ways? a change of days?). But I did tell him that I've been getting strong vibes from him that he didn't want me to go to the new office, and asked if there was some reason why. I told him that I'd be most comfortable where he was most comfortable, in his principal office with his own stuff. It turns out that he has overestimated my reluctance to be around the pdoc from H*ll, and was trying to reassure me on the point, without really checking to see if I need reassuring. And he knew I wasn't thrilled with the extra drive. I told him the biggest problem would be parallel parking, not the extra drive. And that that did scare me. I didn't bother talking about how seeing him in his real life would scare me even more, because it would seem there's no need. And why open that if I don't need to?

I did pick up on something interesting though. I picked up on some ambivilance on his part about the move. I wonder if he was overestimating my reluctance, based on the fact that he's not overjoyed. I think he likes the idea of companionship, because therapy can be lonely, but that he's not really thrilled with the location? Guessing a bit there.


It will get better, I promise. You're in a trough in your therapeutic relationship, but troughs happen. If you two are both committed to making it better, you can.




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