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Re: Elaine » MidnightBlue

Posted by ElaineM on November 10, 2006, at 9:43:46

In reply to Re: Elaine, posted by MidnightBlue on November 9, 2006, at 16:52:46

>>>>>>That seems odd to me! But honestly, it is hard to know how to answer or help when we don't know what is the major thing wrong with you. It's okay to keep that private. I like to keep things private, too. Just understand we are trying our best to suggest things.

Yes, I know (((MB)). I think I'm past advice anyways :-( I just posted cause I didn't want you to worry (cause you had asked where I was).

>>>>>>>You said it was hard to get home. Didn't your T go with you? I thought you said he was taking you.

It's hard to walk in pain, that's all. And I was so upset then too. Still am. No, he didn't offer to come with me, and I hadn't asked. This was a rush appointment anyways, so he wouldn't have had time to cancel all his other patients meetings that day. I mean, he probably would've if I said it was very important to me, but I honestly didn't think of asking him cause I wouldn't have wanted to appear crazy. He said he would anyways lie, but I worry that it will become known that I'm showing up to a consultation with my T - especially when I want to be respected and treated equally so badly. (ANd I would've felt embarrassed talking in detail about everything that's wrong. He knows, but an unemotional, robotic summary)

>>>Why have all professionals left you? Because what you have is not treatable?

I don't really have a doctor working hard for me. Cause the professionals are not willing to do anything but the bare minimum, and while they all think treatment is needed, all their opinions are really contradictory - for the diagnostic specifics and treatment. If two matched up I'd feel better, but NONE do. My meds seem to interact. I don't know which I should be more concerned with (ie, ensuring one works at the expense of another). [and I already tried to talk to PCP and she said, "I don't know" call the pharm. I talked to him, he said it'd be fine. YoungDoc said "definate interference"] ????? So I feel really confused, and left alone.
And I guess I also mean that I don't really have a real T. He's not taking all my cancellations well. He's upset cause he thinks I'm giving up on "us". Said, the most important thing to him is that we stay together. I feel like he thinks I'm cheating on him (for lack of a better analogy).

>>>>>>Because you don't have insurance?

PCP's don't like to deal with anything but basics. And they won't comment or deal with stuff once they refer to a specialist. Whatever the specialist decides, goes (even if it could be wrong). PCP doesn't like making re-referrals for second opinion - it doesn't look good. But also, PCP won't order any tests or imaging that the specialist doesn't request first. So he's kinda washed his hands of me, but then so has PCP.
(There's a couple other professionals involved and their opinions and suggestions don't match either.)

I don't have any idea what to do. I'm kinda paralyzed now. There's not much else to say :-(




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