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Re: Vacation and Question About Psycosis and Whisp

Posted by B2chica on May 10, 2006, at 11:52:55

In reply to Re: Vacation and Question About Psycosis and Whisp, posted by one woman cine on May 10, 2006, at 11:09:43

Hi DisposableDoll,
first, no matter what all this might be. you are sane. you are ok.

i think when we are children we are more prone to imagination because we don't know the facts of things...however, i do think that we are also more suceptible to paranomal activity as well.

i don't have an explanation for what was going on when younger but just out of curiosity has any similar stuff happened outside of that house? or when you were older? (teenager and older?) maybe it WAS that house??

also, about the whispering noises. i get this alot, especially at night. i call it crowd noise. no distinguishable conversations but i hear babble. i also get other weird noises in my head which can sometimes get quite loud but i have noticed that when i'm on a neuroleptic or heavy sleeping aid that i don't tend to have this issues. so i agree with Dinah, that this might be directly related to a sleep disorder. (one woman cine mentioned hypnogogic i get these and hypnopompic hallucinations all the time...they ARE terrifying but also sleep issues). however the noise in my head is different. it does seem to happen mostly at night when i'm tired, however i work alot with acoustics so 1)it could be that i'm too stimulated during the day to notice them and 2)might actually be getting over stimulated during the day and that carries over into the tnight...

in terms of psychotic. sometimes people have a psychotic episode, it may happen only once in your lifetime, it may happen many. but my guess is if you are questioning these things that have happened to you and are seeking treatment that you are most not psychotic. However that deoen'st mean that you haven't experienced an episode. usually thought you are mostly out of reality during these episodes. It doesn't sound like you have lost touch with reality but are just experiencing unusual 'episodes'. However, do keep vigilant about it. if you start to hear voices that are talking to you or having a running commentary on what you are doing or have reoccurring hallucinations (whatever your belief of them) do tell a doc about them.

best wishes and we are here for you




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