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Re: never going to feel better llrrrpp

Posted by Racer on May 9, 2006, at 20:52:35

In reply to never going to feel better, posted by llrrrpp on May 9, 2006, at 17:01:32

There's no heirarchy of suffering, you know. If you're miserable, you're miserable -- and that's just exactly as valid as any other suffering on the planet, whether that's from an inoperable tumor or chipped nail polish. Which is my way of saying, get right over thinking there's anything wrong with you for getting help now, rather than waiting.

In fact, feel good that you admitted there was a problem and sought help NOW, rather than living in denial for months, or years.

As for the meds, depression is a disease -- but it's also not a disease, so much as a label for a group of symptoms. My guess is that one day, if a true cause is ever found for depression, they'll find that there are actually numerous causes for it -- some from lowered serotonin, some cases from norepinephrine imbalance, etc. Which means that you gotta play drugstore cowboy. Ain't no way around that sad fact. (Unless you want to take an MAOI, which targets everything.) And it's agony, no doubt about it, to have started a new drug, experience the adjustment phase effects, and still feel wretched. I'm sorry you're going through it, but be assured -- you've got company in it, even if we're not living next door to you.

But don't discount telling some people near you -- you'd be surprised how many people go through this and are too ashamed to tell anyone. It could be that half the people you know are suffering depression and the AD Carousel. Maybe if you bring it up with someone you trust, you'll find that IRL support.

And therapy is great. But it's a good news/bad news thing -- it often makes things worse on the way to making things better. The good news, though, is that no matter how horrendously bad I feel walking out of my therapist's office, and no matter how hopeless I sometimes feel -- I also feel such a profound sense of relief to have exposed whatever that trigger was to light. You know that old slogan, "You're only as sick as your secrets?" It applies, when it comes to depression. (At least it has for me.) So, exposing those "shameful" secrets is healing, especially because many of them turn out to be much less shameful than I'd thought.

Welcome to Babble. Feel free to lean on the board, there's always someone willing to offer something. And good luck.




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