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Re: Happyflower, did you see your T ? happyflower

Posted by LadyBug on March 11, 2006, at 14:31:52

In reply to Re: Happyflower, did you see your T ? LadyBug, posted by happyflower on March 10, 2006, at 19:13:36

Well as for my daughter, she got even with me last night I guess. I decided to go pick her up at her friends house un-announced. She thought she could talk me into a sleep way.... Her and her friend were at a different house so I went there to get her. She asked if her friend could sleep over at our house, I was mad but said ok.. They both got in the car and I could smell it right off the bat!!! They had been drinking!!!!!!! She's only 14 and this has been an ongoing problem. I took her friend home and told them to say their goodbyes as I was never taking my daughter up to her house EVER again. They've been best friends for 4 years. It is about a 15 to 20 min. drive so without a ride, she's stuck unless she tries to ride her longboard to her house. She tried to deny it, but she's messing with the wrong person. Her dad and my husband is a recovering alcoholic and addict. He still uses narcotics. So she has it in her genes. When it comes to helping her, he understands her, but I don't like how he handles it. He doesn't know about last night. My T. is out of town till and won't be in her office till Mon. I sure could use someone to talk to right now. She understand a little bit about it, but I think her kids are "perfect"!!!!!!!!!! Two of them are attorneys and one is a Counselor in a University Hospital for OB-GYN patients with fertility problems. I'm not sure what the younger 2 are. One of her sons-in-law is an attorney also. So she probably thinks my daughter is a reflection of my screwed up marriage and life and I think it is too.
I don't mean to change the subject in this post, and I'm sorry I got carried away with it. My older daughter is 20 and we get along great. Her and her sister are close and she tries to help how ever she can. I'm still trying to decide how to handle all this. I took our house phones and locked them in my trunk and locked my car. I took her cell phone away and I have a password on our computer so she will have a hard time communicating with her friend. I'm torn today, she's hurting and she won't talk to me. She said she wants her cell phone back, It's 1:30 pm and she's just laying in her bed staring at the wall with her music on.
I want to see my T. but at the same time, I'm ashamed of my daughter and her choices. It's hard being a mom especially when they are at this age. It's so hard. My other daughter was hard at this age, but she grew out of it around 16. She did't drink or do drugs though so I am worried that this will become an addiction with her.
Thanks for caring, not sure you wanted to hear all this though. But I had to vent.
I bet your excited to see your T on Mon, to call you BABE, oh I love husband called me that when we first met. I loved it! But now 21 years later, I don't really like him anymore....long story.
I imagine your T being so cute!!!! And I know you will say he is too. Have a good weekend.
And for the tears, it's good for you. I go in spurts, sometimes I don't cry for a long time and then I do. Tears have never hurt me yet, they relieve pressure.
Hugs (((((Happyflower))))) and thanks for reading this!!!




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