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Re: Need some emergency advice daisym

Posted by Racer on February 28, 2006, at 21:30:53

In reply to Need some emergency advice, posted by daisym on February 28, 2006, at 20:56:09

First of all, you're not being sent away from your T. You know that, but maybe you can think about this as being like him sending you ANOTHER caregiver? For when you're not with him? Kinda like Mom would give you a teddy bear to hold onto while you nap, since she can't be there?

And I've done group therapy as well as individual, and it's great. If it's nearly as good for you as it has been for me, you'll never regret it. Right now, I do individual (50 minutes a week, sometimes 100), group (90 minutes every two weeks), and often a peer-support group, too. All of them offer something different, and all are valuable.

Now, admittedly, the group therapy I'm in right now is led by my T, so it's a bit different from your situation, but not necessarily better. My T, since she sees all of us individually, too, knows us all, knows our issues, and is rather like a mother hen. But she also manages to keep a balance in the group, too. (I do feel left out a lot, though, since everyone else is bulimic, and there really are a few differences despite the similarities. Don't know how to deal with that, and don't know how that could apply to CSA.)

The peer support group is incredibly valuable, because we'll sit there, and someone will screw up her courage and reveal a dark and shameful secret -- only to find half the group saying, "OMG! I do that, too, and thought I was the only one ever!." It's great to find out that we're not nearly as messed up as we think.


1. How much experience does the T have in leading these groups? How much experience and expertise does she have with CSA issues in general?

2. How stable is the make up of the group? Is it generally the same people, or do people just drop in and out as the need arises for them? Is consistency encouraged?

3. What is her policy for outside-the-group interactions? Are you allowed to take telephone numbers, get together outside group, etc?

4. How many of the group members are actually in therapy with her? Is it a problem that you'll be in therapy with someone else?

5. Does she have a set agenda for the group? Or do people choose the topic during check in? Or is it a free for all? (I probably wouldn't ask it quite like that, of course...)

Those are all I can think of. Good luck, and let us know what happens.




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