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They're right, you know (long)... muffled

Posted by 10derHeart on October 24, 2005, at 22:46:44

In reply to banished/sorry/bye/long***trigger**, posted by muffled on October 24, 2005, at 16:20:41


I agree with absolutely everything Damos and rain wrote to you. Remember, too, it's not passing judgement on you as a person, as a poster, at all, the cussing thing, well, it's a house rule here, you know, and it's always gonna be Dr. Bob's house. And if he's of a mind to interpret or enforce a rule very strictly on a given day, so be it. What I'm saying is - that is all about him, NOT you. Muffled, it is SO not personal. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong keystrokes - and that's all...ya' know?

I'm not commenting on whether the block was *technically* correct or not. Why should I? This is the wrong board, time and place anyway. I may have my opinions, but ultimately, Dr. Bob does the best he can, to enforce the rules in the FAQ evenly for all, on all boards, on any given day. Does he perhaps make mistakes? Perhaps. But, who's really to say...because much of this falls in gray areas for him as well. Point still is, all of that does not reflect on YOU. Think...I (or anyone) could have posted something about anything...say, that I loved Babble so much, it's one of the most f__king wonderful things in my life...using the same characters you did, and I ALSO would have been blocked the same way, for the same reason. Would that make me bad or be about me? No, it would only be an "oops," I forgot or got carried away and broke the rules. So, I would have had to be blocked as well. And I say....that's okay. It hurts, it seems awful and would be sad as heck to notbe able to post...but I (and you) can get through it.

Let's reverse it. Would YOU, muffled, feel OK if I came on here after that happened and said, "ah, see, this block proves I'm bad AND I must leave because of it..." No way! Why, I think you'd verbally kick my butt from here to next week! Because you're kind and fair and loving and WANT all your fellow Babblers to fight and feel better and stick together through silly little blocks (sorry DB, hope that's not uncivil) or whatever bad bumps in the road come our way!

Please, please don't leave. I know you're hurt and upset, but you know that, too, shall pass. You've helped opthers by saying that very thing here. You are special and we don't want you to go anywhere. Over the dumb ole F-word, no less! Hah! No way is something this trivial going to mess with someone as awesome as our muffled...I refuse to believe it! I've taken the chance with my passions here....PLEASE understand my strong words are because Damos and Rain are so, so right. And you are a tough one who can relate to tough I right? With a Tender Heart underneath....and I AM an expert on those...;-)

Stay, mufffled. It's not personal, and it's over and Dr. Bob does not feel anything bad toward you at all - I'd bet a lot on that! (((((Muffled)))))




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