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Re: Anybody else have very *trigger* Damos

Posted by fairywings on October 24, 2005, at 18:16:18

In reply to Re: Anybody else have very *trigger* fairywings, posted by Damos on October 23, 2005, at 18:09:29


Thanks for the link, Alison sounds really wonderful. I'm glad you found her. I tried Rescue Remedy - Bach flower essences at one point for anxiety. I like the idea of alt. therapies.

> I think the biggest thing with Alison is that she is really intuitive. Like I'll have been chewing something over for days (like whether I should start Tai Chi) and walk in and she'll say things like "you know I think Tai Chi would be really good for you" even though we've never even spoken about it. The same thing happened with the flower essences and some other things.

That's pretty incredible to have someone so tuned into you, and you know you're not just any other person to her, you matter because she's thinking about you and about what will work for you.
> After some of the heavy sessions I've felt terrible for a couple of days and then better once the release of stuff has happened.

I felt that way with trigger point therapy, but it's for muscles, not emotional release. Now I'm back where I was before the therapy, in pain.
> my heart goes out to you and Antigua. Knowing how much hurt there was for me I can only begin to imagine how much hurt there is any woman who suffers a miscarriage. (((((Fairwings, Antigua, everyone who's been through it)))))

Thanks (((Damos))), you're so thoughtful. It's hard to understand the feelings, they are so different from other pain. Certainly hard to explain isn't it?
> Once I finally admitted there was a problem I was able to look back and could clearly see that my depression became a real problem in my early teens.

I'm so sorry. It can be such a wonderful time, but it can be the pits of dispair too, can't it? You said the early teens, did it get better, and now it's painful to remember?

I had traumatic teen years too. I see my daughter having such a wonderful time and I just pray that she gets through it unscathed. Then comes my younger daughter who's having a stormier time, and I pray that she has good years and times ahead. My older son is somewhat of a melancholy kid, and I worry about him. Don't want any of the kids to have the bad times.

>Was probably there long before that but that was when I could sense things weren't quite right.

So unfair that young kids should be unhappy. It shouldn't be that way. And those are the years we figure out who we are in relation to the world, so it affects us until we can work for years to undo the damage.

>This miscarriage and the aftermath led to my only really serious attempt at suicide. What's worse is that I still only just beginning to understand the ramifications it's had/still has on the rest of my life.

(((Damos))) This is so sad, I'm so sorry.
> I think the day I decided to get help I decided to stop pretending for others benefit. To Antigua's point I've also found being upfront about my stuff has been really helpful too. It's helped me sort out who's who too. There are some who make being the way you are okay and really help in all kinds of ways.

I'm glad you're able to get help, and glad that you were able to be honest about your feelings and what you're going through, and find out who's behind you. It's not easy.
> My anger is mostly from other stuff like, "Can't you see how much that hurts me." etc and the frustration with myself for messing stuff up over and over.
I completely understand about messing up over and over. I'm glad you're you. I'm glad we have babble.




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