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To Alexandra-taken the charm out of transference

Posted by allisonross on October 21, 2005, at 12:58:11

In reply to Re: babble has taken the charm out of transference :-(, posted by alexandra_k on October 20, 2005, at 22:02:56

> > I think too much analysis of anything takes all the fun out of it.. Boy, do I AGREE with that (newbie here)....I mean, we are ALL human...why can't LOVE, which is the greatest thing in the world; simply be left just......BE!!! We gotta analyze it to death (ick)...i Love my therapist (it's NOT Freudian "transference"); as my t (who is brilliant) explained it; people misuse that term....transference is simply the feelings we engender it one another.....duhhhhh...simple, eh? If you want a good laugh read my post entitled: I Had Wild Uninhibited Sex w/theraist (Finally!).....without a sense of humor, i would be drooling in a corner somewhere!

> lol. sometimes it can seem that way.
> wittgenstein once said that he didn't write so as to spare other people the trouble of thinking, rather to stimulate them to thoughts of their own.
> i think that that is the best way to read everything...
> that is what makes it interesting to me rather than boring... i always look to apply it to new problems or to modify it so i find it more plausible or whatever...
> (you can't change the facts but you can challenge the interpretation of the facts)
> >now I don't like to read about transference also.
> because it takes the 'magic' out of it?
> sometimes... that can help one move beyond it...
> recognising it... can lead to one seeing it for what it is and moving beyond it... but there is a certain comfort in just indulging the feelings i suppose...
> ;-)
> > Neither do I like psychology:-(
> > I used to be so passionate about it.
> heh heh. maybe... you just mean something different by 'psychology'.
> the term came from...
> psyche.
> soul. mind. spirit.
> logy.
> i think that is 'study of'
> comes from logos
> reason
> the rational investigation of the soul
> but it got operationalised into the empirical (observation focused) study of behaviour
> in the interests of making it scientific rather than speculative...

you sound like an intellectual---I am incredibly attracted to those types---they are rare---my t is the most intellectual I have ever known---been together for 3 years; and he still manages to come up with new stuff every week! wow......So, enough about ME, what do YOU think about ME?! LOL....P.S. We need to quit sanitizing, picking apart, examining, etc.....stuff; just let it be what it love......LOVE is need to take any of the magic out...i love that word----magic...the world needs MORE magic, and less scientific investigations! So speeketh me! LOL.....Actually my story was published with the Ph.D.'s (amazingly) The Transcendent Child on Overcoming Verbal and Spiritual to hear what you think. Also have my own site: (voted out of a 31-year church membership, cause got a divorce after 31 years of abuse); born standin' up and talkin' back. Smiles n grins, very sassy




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