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Re: help

Posted by lostinfeelings on October 19, 2005, at 17:38:37

In reply to Re: help lostinfeelings, posted by Susan47 on October 18, 2005, at 19:13:52

>Yes i think it is wonderful that she understands, we also have our boundries in all of this and we both understand it and i am ok with it because she does care and she told me that she does, ... the thing is everytime she does hug me it makes me feel wonderful inside and I feel like i am doing something right for a change ,,,,, I love it when she hugs me,,,,, if I can get nothing else from her at least I know that she cares and she will not turn me away because of my feelings for her,
when i wrote her a letter on telling her how i felt about her she said that she was very moved and touched by my letter and that made me feel good because it beomes easier for me ot talk to her each seesion, not all therapist is cold hearted there are some out there that does understand how we feel about them and is willing to accept it without crossing the boundries.
to be able to have these feelings for my therapist and for her understanding it makes it easier on me. to be able to move on with dealing with my past. I do love her so very much as a matter of fact she thinks I need to end the realationship that I am in now due to being emotionally abused and she thinks I am indeeed worth loving and that helps me. I am in the process of getting me another car and moving on without my other half because I found out my other half called her ex girlfriend so I see all these months my therapist was right

That's really nice, that you needed this and the therapist offered it to you without you even having to ask. I love it that this therapist's in touch with your feelings. Isn't that great? Keep telling us how things happen, because there's a lot of interest on Babble about therapies and the therapist/client relationship. I'm presently seeing a therapist who's doing EMDR with me; at the end of the last session she opened her arms slightly in some welcoming way as she said good-bye, huge huge warm smile and all, and I thought, that's nice that she's willing to do that but it's the last thing I really want, from her! The EMDR we're doing together is just all I need from her. I still don't really like her completely, she's another one of those "doctor"s with a big head. Perhaps when you're constantly helping people get better, and you think that's the most important thing you could be doing, your head just swells naturally. 'Cause that's what I've seen in all therapists, psychiatrists, and MD's. Sometimes their real personality is good enough to overcome a lot of the ugliness of their constantly-proven assertion that they're attractive, wanted, and needed, and helpful. That assertion can look just really ugly and closed-off.
> My last T had it, I think, but towards the end, when I believe I wore him down to a bit more honesty, I think his real self managed to whittle its way a bit out of the hard bark he'd covered himself in.
> I think a lot of what happens in therapy, maybe even most of it, has to do with the relationship between the two people. But the client has to also learn not to feel bound to take the responsibility for what happens in that relationship. Which is what seems to be happening in almost all of these client/therapist relationships that're suddenly terminated on the part of the therapist.
> There's a reason we associate the word "terminate", with death. Not just the end of something, but the end of self.




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