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Re: I don't feel the same way Dinah

Posted by cricket on October 17, 2005, at 10:04:47

In reply to Re: I don't feel the same way cricket, posted by Dinah on October 17, 2005, at 9:00:17

> I am surprisingly difficult to please in the therapy department. I've seen quite a few adjunct therapists over the years, and have strongly disliked most of them. The only one I actually liked is my son's play therapist, who has disappeared as far as we're concerned since the storm.
> T2, well it isn't so much that I strongly disliked her as that I sensed she strongly disapproved of me. You guys don't care that I'm eccentric, maybe in part because you can't see me. :) I think she saw it as an affectation, when it really isn't. I'm just eccentric. I think I responded to that.

Yes, I understand that. I would hate that someone disapproved, or worse yet saw as a ploy for attention, something that feels like so much a part of who I am. Sometimes my therapist says things like "I don't think that's who you are. I think you are _____ (fill in the blank)." Normally that would bother the cr*p out of me but because he seems to have the best of intentions it doesn't bother me. Maybe it is all about someone who has our best interests at heart.

Usually it's not a sense that someone dislikes me that has me feeling it isn't right. Often they just don't get what I'm saying because I have an idiosyncratic way of expressing myself. But usually the reason I don't like a therapist has to do with their aura, for want of a better word. They're too intrusive and high energy, or too solicitous and fluffy.
Yes, and your T isn't like that. He is grounded and calming, right? I can understand the dislike of intrusive and high energy or solicitous and fluffy. They sound like more female qualities (is that sexist of me?) so maybe you should try males.

I do know what you mean about auras although normally I hate any kind of new age terminilogy. Recently I had to fill a couple of positions at my job. They all looked good on paper but I went through interview after interview and no seemed to be a fit. It was taking a tremendous amount of time and I usually knew 5 minutes into an interview that the person wasn't going to work. Half jokingly I told human resources that I wanted them just to line everyone up against a wall and then I could at least pick the ones I wanted to interview. So I guess that was aura.

Too bad they don't have display booths for therapists. I'll try #9, definitely not #5. :-)

> Sigh. I guess the truth is that I want my
therapist mommy, however impaired he might be.
I think that is a perfectably understandable. I want him for you too :-(




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