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T. Funny re: Talking About Sex (long)

Posted by 10derHeart on August 31, 2005, at 1:58:45

You know how sometimes a remark is made so quickly, maybe while you're talking over someone (I interrupt a LOT!) and it can be there in your brain but doesn't register right away...sometimes for me, until days or weeks later...

Well, B2's serious thread about sex suddenly reminded me of something so funny (for him) my T. said about sex a couple weeks ago. Has nothing to do with me ( sex=no discussion of it), but we'd been spending the whole session on my upset over my married daughter, who was having some problems with her husband/marriage.

(Now mind you, my T. is a grandfather, and the sweet, kind older-gentlemanly type. I wouldn't say proper exactly, but polite to a fault and never swears of even comes close to a crass remark, though he takes it well when I'm occasionally vulgar..)

I was trying to explain a phone conversation my daughter and I had, where she kept using the word "intimate" in different ways. I was telling T. how sometimes, intimate meant *intimate* literally, e.g, talking openly, cuddling, sitting together, holding hands, whatever, but NOT including being sexual. Then other times, when my daughter said it, she really *did* mean sex, so I had to listen carefully to her to catch the right meaning. I jokingly said to T., "Because you know, from her point of view, we couldn't talk directly to each other as if either of us has had actual *sex* {gasp} way! Not possible, so you have to say it without saying it, use some kind of substitute like "being intimate", or some euphemism..."

T. laughed and said, "Oh yeah, sure. Of course. Like you could just say: jumping on to ride the Harley."

Uh...choke...faint...fall off T's couch...EXCUSE ME?! Mister sweet, kindly, genteel T.,...did you just say I should refer to sex when talking to my daughter by saying, "JUMPING on to RIDE the Harley??!!"

Lucky for him it went right by me that day and just now came back to my conscious mind. 'cause, well, he would've had some 'splainin' to do!

He would! Really! Right after I turned eight shades of red, quit stammering and picked my jaw up off the floor.




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