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Re: Progress with the Ego States...

Posted by Daisym on August 30, 2005, at 19:07:50

In reply to Re: Progress with the Ego States..., posted by alexandra_k on August 30, 2005, at 18:21:50

If this was a graduate thesis (which is isn't) we could say "a causes b" but we'd need to add in more globalizing language, "there are incidences of a causing b" which then doesn't limit us to a always causing b. And no where have we said that b can't be naturally occuring or a random mutation. What I've always been taught is, "if you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras." Meaning, look for the most likely cause, the most common cause, first. I think the research suggests that ego state disorders are typically the result of traumatic experiences, long or short, with a whole continueum of severity.

I think what is most important in this discussion are the following:
Not everyone who has been traumatized was abused. Trauma encompasses a whole host of things, including natural disasters.
The effects of trauma on any individual vary, the most important factor being the support the person received after it was over. This has been studied widely and it is shown to be especially true for children. If they have loving, caring adults who help them feel safe and understood, there are typically less long term effects.
Abuse doesn't always result in ego state disorders nor do ego state disorders always come from abusive situations. (Weren't we all taught never to use "all" "always" "none" or "never"?) But the research shows these things are commonly linked.

I don't want to debate the whole false memory thing. I always ask myself who would want anyone to have these kinds of memories?! I'd take almost any other explanation for my problems. But, I will say that had I not experienced the regressive splitting myself, I wouldn't have understood it and I think I would have had a hard time really believing it could feel so real.




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