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Re: and maybe its a test

Posted by alexandra_k on August 30, 2005, at 16:53:24

In reply to Re: and maybe its a test, posted by alexandra_k on August 30, 2005, at 16:43:31

and it was all because my i had a stomach bug
was throwing up
and he said he'd get me some pill to take
to stop the nausea
and my partner said
'what good is that going to do when she is only going to throw it up again'
and if he knew the answer to that that was the time
but he didn't
and somehow or other things got worse
and she stood up and yelled a little
and he was a small man
and felt threatened

and somehow...
thats my fault.

and i wore black to the appoitment
and that was dully noted
much was made of that
i realised when i obtained a copy
of that particular file
and what he didn't know was the rule
the rule in the household:
first up best dressed
and i forgot to do the f*cking washing

but there must be some more...
or he must have heard something...

time to put it away now.
i've realised that i have a mess
a big mess
a thesis full of mess
and no apparant structure.
easy enough when its not terribly many words
to just start again
but its too big for that
and today is the day
for an outline
to begin to impose a structure

and i will be okay
little time
little distance
and things start to make sense again
but not in person
never in person
why did i have to have a body for???
and why in the hell did i get landed with this one???

and there isn't an answer to that
there is not

its like asking 'what happened before the big bang'
the answer to the question of what lies outside space and time
lies outside space and time
though i don't see why...
its just that
the question lies beyond science
and science is silent on the answer

when all else fails...
when the facts underdetermine...
back to the arts.




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