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Re: Winning the Battle one day at a time goldenslumbers

Posted by JenStar on August 28, 2005, at 10:05:20

In reply to Winning the Battle one day at a time, posted by goldenslumbers on August 28, 2005, at 9:44:31

hi goldenslumbers,
I'm sooooo sorry you're suffering from anxiety! :( I can relate, because I'm a fellow anxious person. Here's my story, and sorry to all who've heard this too many times already!

I'm somewhat of a hypochondriac, and often think that small physical symptoms of discomfort indicate serious fatal illnesses. I brood over the worry and work myself up into an extremely anxious state over my current "disease" until it's all I can think about, no matter what else I'm doing. Eventually I go to a doctor, who tells me I don't have anything fatal, but I don't believe it at first, and it takes time for me to recognize the truth. Then I'm OK for a while, (weeks, months, years sometimes), but eventually the cycle starts over again. Eventually I will have "real" disease (statistics and age win every time) and this of course terrifies me no end. So for me, anxiety occurs because of 'real' symptoms and also by imaging a scary future.

I've been this way since early childhood. One of my earliest "anxious" memories was crying and shaking in bed all night as a 7-yr-old because I'd watched part of a "Nova" TV show on Channel 11 about a surgery for a young girl cancer victim...who didn't survive. All night I thought about that girl and how I was sure I had the same disease she had. It bothered me for months, esp. at night -- I couldn't get the images out of my head.

All through childhood I 'suffered' from 'illnesses' but didn't usually tell anyone what I was worried about, I just kept it all inside. I knew it wasn't normal to worry about this stuff. But worry I did, constantly! (Of course, I had a good life and lots of fun, too! But there was lot of worry interspersed with the good times.)

As an adult, Lexapro helps me with anxiety. I most recently thought I had MS or another horrible disease. My physical symptoms were real but the Dr. said they were benign and stress-related. After starting Lexapro, the anxiety finally started to fade. I still have the sypmtoms periodically but just don't worry about them the same way, which is awesome! :)

I remember days when I'd wake up in a panic, sweating and just horrified (My Dr. said panic can be worst in the mornings), and basically amazed that I could still function!

So...I completely sympathize with you. I really do. Anxiety is AWFUL!!! For me, Lexapro (with occasional Xanax) has been a big godsend. I know other people have improved with therapy alone. I'm going to re-start therapy again soon to make sure that I stay on top of this. I hope you find the right solution for you!






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