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Re: in love with therpist isla

Posted by Jazzed on June 15, 2005, at 22:58:19

In reply to Re: in love with therpist, posted by isla on June 15, 2005, at 16:57:19

>>Appts. with him at the very beginning 3 years I feel like I can't until he opens up his daytimer to schedule the next appt. He has never physically forced me to stay but emotionally he does. Power differential?

If you feel like you want to leave, can you just tell him you need to go, you have a long drive home, and you're ready for him to schedule your next appt?

I may be looking for a "father" but all the boyfriends I have had have been either within a couple of years and I had 2 which were younger. It just seemed pointless to compare what music and tv shows I listen to to get his point across. He is older than me by approx. 10 years. I am 35 and he is in his 40's.

Did he suggest you were looking for a father? Was he badgering you about your relationship with him, or your mother's relationship with the younger husband?

> As for "finishing my story" with him I feel that he wants me to keep going to him only,

This seems odd to me, that he won't refer you. Seems there could only be 2 explanations. 1. he needs to keep the cash flow, or 2. he's as hooked on you as you are on him. But, he's being very manipulative either way.

"What if I don't like your new therapist." ??????

So what? At that point it's no longer his business. Tell him if he wants a say in your new T, he can marry you, and then help you decide who you'll go to. See how he reacts to that one!

>>He also has refused to send a summary of my 3 years of work with him to a new doc. Weird?

THIS is really bizarre. Have you looked at your records to see what he's written? I'd want to know esp. if he won't forward them to anyone else. You have a right to them you know.

> Note: that all of these T's are psychiatrists and in Canada they are covered by the provincial gov't. I could opt for a psychologist but the price is just too high.

Boy, wish psych. appts here were free! But I think I like my health ins. better here.
> I don't have alot of weight to lose (maybe 25 lbs.) so I think his comment was uncalled for.

Oh, that was a totally uncalled for comment. What's he doing to help you lose the weight. Again, tell him to marry you, and the two of you can go jogging together!

> He does not act seductive outright but I am confused. What would constitute a seductive manner?

Going over, telling you he doesn't want you to see anyone else, talking about sex might - depends on the conversation. There are other things, but they're all up for interpretation.

> He will make appts. with me the same day I call in. If not the same day, usually within 2-3 days. It's actually pretty good because he is very flexible with scheduling.

Again, I have to wonder about his patient load. Does he have a lot of other clients, do you know? Is it a busy practice, or is he just sitting around? Wonder if any of his other patients are treated the same way.

> One of the other questions was "Is he married". I have no idea. He doesn't wear a wedding ring but I have asked him and he refuses to tell me. It's his choice really but I don't understand it. I just wish I didn't feel about him the way I do.

In Canada can you do a property search on the internet? Sometimes that will give you the marital info. I know it's kind of a snoopy thing to do, but I don't think most docs would avoid that question. It's so basic.

> Note: I have weakened my resolve and called him last night to book an appt. My appt. is tonight at 7 pm so I will let you know how it goes.

Can't wait to hear how it went! Hope it goes well. Boy, the appt. at 7, and then a 45 min drive home? ARGH! That will be hard, esp. if you stay for 1.5 or 2 hrs.





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