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Re: One reason I wanted to post this » Dinah

Posted by Tamar on May 25, 2005, at 17:33:11

In reply to Re: One reason I wanted to post this » Tamar, posted by Dinah on May 24, 2005, at 11:13:32

> He's got this whole internet/mental health/axe murderer thought association going on. :)

Ah yes. Well, I’ve never owned an axe, so I’ll just have to fit myself into the first two categories.

Funny... I can’t help remembering an occasion when I went out to put something in the trunk of my father-in-law’s car, and when I opened it there was nothing in it but a pair of women’s shoes and an axe. I was intensely curious, but didn’t like to ask questions... As far as I know, though, he has no mental illness and doesn’t post on Babble.

> No there was an eleventh grade. I was me in eleventh grade, the aliens released their hold. The funny thing is that both my husband and another boy I knew well as a friend say that I wasn't particularly attractive in eleventh grade, but was attractive in tenth and twelth. Attitude counts for a lot, I suppose.

Attitude is everything. Well, almost everything... along with personal hygiene.

> I'm so proud of you for that! I'm glad I wasn't the only one taken over by pod people during early adulthood. I'm sorry it didn't last for you, and applaud you for working hard to get those feelings back. I think I concentrate more on what happened to create such an unaccustomed state, than why it quit. Though we've spent some time on that in therapy and have some ideas. But I long to get it back. Happy Dinah is what I'd love to be all the time. Actually, the aliens took me over again for a couple of days a couple of years ago (an experience I haven't been able to recreate), and my therapist thinks it may not be such a good thing to live life as Happy Dinah. lol.
> I know at least one Babbler thinks that Happy Dinah is the result of a long lasting mild hypomania. I like the alien idea better.

Well, I think regular Dinah is wonderful, but maybe Happy Dinah would be wonderful too, and, well, happier.

> > Is there anything in particular you’re curious about? I’m prepared to share!
> Only what you're willing to share. And it doesn't have to be right here. :) No pressure. I just suddenly realized how much I've been helped by you, and felt like I'm taking advantage. The only time I recall you asking for help, I wasn't able emotionally to give it because I'm just not rational about termination.

I would never think you were taking advantage. And I know that what I was asking before would be something sensitive, and that not everyone could respond. That’s the joy of babble, isn’t it – even if we’re not able to respond to every post, there’s usually someone who feels up for it. And you’ve helped me a lot too. So don’t go thinking about taking advantage or stuff like that!

> Oh, I know. As I said, I bring your posts in frequently, and I've wondered as I've said your posting name the correct way to pronounce it. How's that for an easy start?

It’s not my name in real life, and I’m aware that there are two ways of saying it. I prefer a flat A (like the A in babble, hence Tahmar), rather than the other way (Taymar). I suppose it’s because it’s a Hebrew name (I think it means ‘date palm’) and so I like it to sound like the original, with a flat A. But if you prefer to say it ‘Taymar’, that’s fine too! Obviously, with my penchant for Hebraic names, I like your posting name as well! I sometimes wonder if you chose it for its sound or its meaning or the stories associated with it.




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