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What are my rights?

Posted by Camille Dumont on May 23, 2005, at 22:38:08

Ok, to put this in context, I live in Canada.

Something like 3 years ago I hit a really rough pass that made me suicidal and acted upon it ... of course I failed and was sent for a psych eval ... and re-sent there a few times.

Turns out at that time I was majorly depressed and the p-doc and GP started to prescribe me APs in addition to ADs (Zyprexa, Seroquel, etc.) because I saw things ... I promptly stopped taking those due to side effects like absence seizures.

At that point my GP kind of got the point that maybe this was not the best route. Again, was sent to be evaluated and it turns out that I'm not psychotic or schizophrenic ... I just have SPD (schizoid personality disorder). But GP insisted that I needed the ADs and would need them for the rest of my life.

I disagreed at that time and stopped taking them over the course of a few months. Been completely free of them since March. I don't feel great, I do still feel suicidal sometimes but I also did even on the ADs. All in all, I feel more "real" without them. I would rather feel the ups and downs than just a smooth eveness that the massive doses of ADs brought on.

Now GP doesn't know this but I have to go in for my yearly exam (I've been pushing it back but I need prescription for contraceptive so now I can't push it back anymore). I know he will ask about the ADs (prescriptions are soon going to run out ... had I been taking them). Now my question is this : do I have the right not to take the ADs even if GP says I need to?

What are my rights?
Can I be forced to take them?
Can he check to see if the scripts are being filled?

I'm asking this because, well, I would rather not use deception but if it comes to that I'm very much ready to not say a word and even fill the script and dump them if this is what it takes to preserve my freedom not to take drugs I feel I don't need.

Much appreciated.




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