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Fired pdoc, told T none of her business (long)

Posted by Poet on February 8, 2005, at 18:45:04

Well it really isn't her business. It was her idea to force me to see pdoc to begin with. It was either have her call 911 or agree to see a pdoc. He is/was still probably the lesser of the evils, but I don't want to see him anymore.

What I need is someone who will listen to me, and not just increase the dose every visit. Not to mention send me bills with handwritten notes on them telling me that I forgot an appointment and will be charged full price for it. Ouch. That's a hard hit in the temp employee pocket book.

I am tired of him telling me how difficult it is for him to just do meds management when he doesn't know what's going on in therapy. I barely talk in therapy, and no way I'm sharing a can barely talk to her about.

He's told me at the last three appointments, that he should call my T to talk about how I'm doing in therapy. I told him I didn't want him talking behind my back. This last time, he said he'd take notes and read them to me. Uh, huh, sure, nice and censored notes. That's when I decided to fire him.

I told my T that I fired pdoc, but I don't want to tell her why. I know that saying it's none of her business was rude and probably hurt her feelings. She asked if I was going to fire her. I said no.

Maybe I can just tell her that I don't trust pdoc to really understand what's right for me? She understands my trust issues. Though I'm afraid she'll suggest I see another pdoc. I hate those questions, and I honestly don't think that I need to be on a massive dose of Effexor XR like pdoc thinks I do. Once I get tapered down to a dose that I think my regular doctor can prescrible for me, I intend to see her. Pdoc gave me a three month prescription for Effexor and I know from meds board how to taper down safely. I don't want to tell T about babble and how I know all this stuff about meds. So I will have to leave the reduced meds out of why I fired pdoc if at all possible.

I know that T cares about me and it is her business that I fired pdoc. Any ideas of what I can tell her to avoid her worrying about me, and worse, yet, calling pdoc? I signed something months ago saying they can talk to each other without my permission, so I can't stop her.

I see her Thursday evening. Any help is welcome.





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