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Re: question /the term is....

Posted by B2Chica on February 8, 2005, at 11:34:21

In reply to Re: question /the term is...., posted by alexandra_k on February 6, 2005, at 16:25:20

Wow. thank you all so much for this great feedback. (only at babble huh.)

-my hubby doens't know about past issues, i think when we first dated i mentioned (while we were drunk) about a possible...r*** incident but know i didn't detail, and don't even know if he remembers. and he knows NOTHING of the rest. and i want to keep it that way.
not sure if it is a physical thing or not. i have my regular obgyn appt in may i'll ask then.
i don't think it's a lubricant thing cuz...(to get graphic)my hubby works pretty hard to get me...(blush) 'wet'. and i'm usually quite there, but..well, it's like it's 'stretching something'. gosh this is bad. i'm not sure how else to explain it-kinda like a brand new package-feels the same way.
our relationship is ok, but could be better. sex is infrequent cuz 1) my depression was so bad last year, plus s. attempt and hiding SI 2)sometimes do have problems with 'not in the mood'. almost all last year. depression was so bad, medication issues, hospitilizations, S. attemps, SI was bad, therapy was bad...etc.

the other good point brought up is that with the amount of time between sexual 'escapades' you practically go back to 'virgin' status. everything has to stretch out again, so to speak. this is kinda what i was wondering...
this is interesting to know...thanks ana
vaginismus....interesting. thanks 10derheart

wow, dinah, i've never heard of having any remnants left (so it's true you CAN 'sort of' be a virgin????!) seriously though, i'm sorry you have this pain. and i hope you just make the right decision for you...

hi thank you for your comments. and yes, it really...Really helps to know that i am not alone...especially with something like this. when i saw all your just don't know how comforting/relieved i felt.

and i do need to talk with my t but my T is another story. The Great news is the one i liked and clicked with i Finally heard back from him...he's back but not seeing patients till march (have appt second week in march) till then i'm seeing this lady and as you all know i have 'issues' with trust and women, and everytime i go to her this wall just shoots right up. i can talk about somethings but others...well, i've tried and either she doesn't understand and i spend most of my time explaining my feeling instead of the incident (where as this guy just 'got it- we had acutal conversations).
it's just different. but i thought maybe i could open up with sexual issues with the woman better...absolutely not. but i think that's a whole other can of worms...
i just can't thank you all enough. i can't wait till march to see Great guy. and
i've been talking about my marriage and hubby/work with T now and since that is an issue. it's good.

and Special thanks to Dr.BOB....AGAIN....for this place.
it helps me to live a better life.




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