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Posted by alexandra_k on January 21, 2005, at 17:49:16

In reply to Re: PSYCHOTIC *THEMES*, posted by alexandra_k on January 21, 2005, at 17:36:29

A little list of delusions that I have compiled...

1)Cotard 'I am dead'
2)Capgras 'My wife has been replaced by an impostor'
3)Fregoli 'People I know are disguising themselves as strangers and are following me around'
4)Unilateral Neglect 'Thats not my arm - It's yours!'
5)Reduplicative Paramnesia 'My husband died long ago - but he is also a current patient on this ward'
6)Mirrored Self Mis-Identification 'There is a person in the mirror who follows me around'
7)Thought Insertion 'Someone elses thoughts are being inserted in my mind'
8)Alien Control 'Someone else is initiating my actions'
9)Thought Withdrawal 'Someone is taking thoughts from my mind'
10)Thought Broadcast 'Other people can hear my thoughts'
11)Reference 'The tables signified that the world was coming to an end'
12)Grandeur 'I am god'
13)Persecution / Paranoid 'The FBI are out to get me'
14)Jealousy 'My partner is cheating on me'
15)Erotomania 'Winston Peters is in love with me'
16)Somatic 'I don't have any internal organs'.

These kinds of delusions (with slight individual variation) have been noted again and again. There are other kinds too (such as the delusion that one has been turned into a wild beast).

It might be hard to explain ALL of these different kinds of delusions with the same explanation.

I put an essay I wrote on this topic over on writing if anyone is interested.

Here are the sections (in order).




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