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Posted by linkadge on January 19, 2005, at 18:30:20 [reposted on January 20, 2005, at 23:48:59 | original URL]

In reply to PSYCHOTIC *THEMES*, posted by pretty_paints on January 19, 2005, at 17:32:12

I've often thought the same things. This is what I think. The parts of the brain that create psychotic thinking are common in everybody, but seem to be perpetually activated in people with schitsophrenia. THese types of thoughts can be produced in anybody with certain drugs.

I think the beginning of the psychotic thinking begins with either extreme feelings of personal importance or extreme feelings of worthlessness.

I have often thought about psychosis (which often makes me psychotic!).

THis is, (in my mind), the fundamental thinking process in psychosis.

"With power (ability etc.), comes responsability"

First a person must believe that it is in a position of power, importance, or has some ability that nobody else has etc. (in depression this may actually be a distorted coping mechanism - ie to deal with feelings of depression, the brain comes up with increasingly abstract ways to regain self worth)

After this, the being shifts into a position of state preservation. Ie. the paranoia, the central reference, grandiose thinking, are ways that the organism tries to preserve this precieved sence of personal gain.

Take this for example:

Oftentimes seemingly normal people who have recieved large sums of money (lottery etc) have suffer psychiatric and psychotic episodes.

First there is the initial feeling of having gained something that is very important and that other people want. After this many people become extremely paranoid, agitated etc when they figure that other people, government etc is after there money.

Same is true for stimulants. At first they produce feelings of euphoria, power, and increased self worth. To accomidate for the increased feelings of self worth the brain triggers the power = responsability cycle. After this the brain comes up with all sorts of things that it is responsable for. Oftentimes this is remicent of what is learned in religion, or sometimes it is problems they heard on the news. Psychotic thinking begins with a feeling of "universal responsability".

I think that basically psychosis can happen when the mood is extremely incongruent with reality. If extremely depressed without reason, the brain invents imaginary reasons. If euphoric without reason, the brain invents imaginary reasons.

They amygdala is *way overactive* in psychosis. The amygdala deals with feelings of fear and guilt. Being depressed can create feelings of guilt, but too much pleasure likewise can create feelings of guilt.

Just some of my personal thoughts on psychosis.

Have a nice day





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