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Fallen4MyT Fallen4MyT

Posted by just plain jane on January 19, 2005, at 20:35:11

In reply to Re: I'm still here Joslynn, posted by Fallen4MyT on January 19, 2005, at 16:04:49

Not knowing the story, I wondered, when I came to PB and I saw your name.
It being none of my business, I didn't ask. But I have been concerned and curious.

Now that I know a bit of your story, I can say I understand how you feel, both about your love, and about being criticized, or at least feeling that way, for it.

I agree that a relationship with a client beyond legitimate therapy is wrong. If the relationship seems imperative, then the client-therapist relationship should end.

Sadly, in your case, you are both married and will have to finish the destruction of those marriages to construct the one you are planning. A most unpleasant situation to be in. However, I don't believe that the destruction was wrought, in either case, by your relationship. Marriages that destruct generally have faulty foundations or no supportive structure.

In anyone's case, I would WISH them well, but have a remaining feeling of distaste for the T for engaging in the transgressive behavior in the first place, regardless of how much the client feels there was no abuse of priviledge.

There was a therapist, I think it was NYC, who made the news some years back being brought up on charges by several of his clients, whom he had convinced that sex with him was an important part of their therapy, he had played upon their vulnerabilities to secure their "need" of him. The clients won their cases against him, but there is no way they could erase what he had done to them.

This is only one of many similar cases, and some T's do still use their position as "idol" or "boss" to gain whatever perverse pleasure they can with submissive clients, who, ironically, most likely came to deal with being abused or being submissive in the first place.

and bla, bla, bla

Anyway... it was your choice of name here, where so many people have T's that they may be having transference problems or abuse problems with that triggered me.

And, now that I've been triggered and gone off, I can sit and watch the smoke curling up, wafting about, riding the currents of the wind.

just plain jane




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