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for those with borderline diagnosis

Posted by CareBear04 on January 19, 2005, at 17:59:06

for those of you who have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder-- do you believe your diagnosis? do you think it fits your qualities accurately? where were you diagnosed? in the hospital or in an outpatient setting after being observed and in therapy or with a pdoc for a substantial amount of time?

i'm just curious about this. in two out of three psychiatric hospitalizations, i'd been stuck with the borderline diagnosis. in the outpatient setting, no T or pdoc, including the DBT therapist, diagnosed me with BPD. my current pdoc has said more than once that she learned in training and believes that you can't diagnose Axis II like BPD in the hospital; that everyone looks borderline or otherwise personality-disordered under that much scrutiny and under the pressures and stresses of hospital living. in a recent hospitalization, every young woman who came on the ward was given a book about BPD. that's why i think young women who are admitted to psych are borderline unless proved otherwise, and no one in the hospital really cares about proving otherwise. it bothers me that something like a serious suicide attempt is interpreted differently for a man and a woman. when i took a month's worth of lithium, they told me i was impulsive and hysterical and such when neither were really true; i had the OD planned to the smallest details and i did it calmly not to manipulate anyone but just because i'd exhausted all the ways to get help and couldn't see a future or hope.

for those of you who are diagnosed borderline, how do you feel about that? do you consider the dx derogative or find that the dx limits your treatment or keeps other Ts or pdocs from helping you? once you're diagnosed, do you ever shake the dx or are considered successfully recovered? do you find that you come to fit the profile of a borderline once the dx is made?

i'm just recently been considering the validity of DSM diagnoses and this is the one i'm most curious about. please answer if you can! thanks!




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