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Re: Night Terror-paralysis-HG/HP mmcconathy

Posted by B2Chica on January 17, 2005, at 17:07:20

In reply to Night Terror, posted by mmcconathy on January 15, 2005, at 23:39:43

i have had these for many....many years. in my earlier years it was mostly non-visual like blackand white-ona tv station that doesn't come in) and Tons of fear like i HAD to wake up Right Then or else.... i was 'consious' but couldn't seem to wake my body up...always trying desperately.
Within the last couple years they have integrated with quick visuals, the scariest ones for me include acoustics-they are always Very loud and horrifying.
mine also tend to happen in multiples (little over year now)if i have one, i'll have several in a row. This is Aweful cuz you KNOW what's going to happen, you don't want to go back to sleep but your body does anyway. Sometimes i have to get out of bet and turn on hall or bathroom does seem to help.
What i have are called hypnogogic/hypnopompic episodes. HG happen on the way going to sleep, HP happen on awakening. Either way to me they are just absolutely terrifying.

unfortunately, i have yet to find or be told of anyway to rid myself of these. My only guess would be they are being intensified because of my anxiety and maybe somethings that are working themselves to the surface of my subconsious.

**you may want to check with your doctor to see if you have any sleep disorders it narcolepsy??

Night terrors (if i am wrong someone correct me) but Night terrors, are often in the middle of the night or in the early a.m.- they happen at a different level of sleep than HG/HP. Also, they don't have that consious paralysis feeling. and have much more dream content. Also, from a few things i've read you wake up (or can) screaming, yet in the morning you can't remember what the dream was about, just that you were scared. and of course feel unrested.
HG/HP you tend to remember more of the content though it doesn't contain as much...shorter i guess, although mine sometimes feel like they last a lifetime.. it's that fear i guess.
-so sorry you are having these. they are awful. and if i find a way to stop mine i will Certainly post that here!

Take care Matt.

> I have been having disturbing accurences, hwere i awaken, im paralyzed, and feel a "presence" in the room, that brings screaming terror.
> Only image i recall was a, very very blurr sort of slervy shape image of a body that moaned, and reached out and touched me which made me scream as if was being murdered.
> Does anyone know of any records of this in the past.
> Share experiences
> Matt




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