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Re: our spaceship for discovery...

Posted by gardenergirl on December 5, 2004, at 20:53:02

In reply to Re: our spaceship for discovery... 64bowtie, posted by Gabbix2 on December 5, 2004, at 17:14:30

> No, that's not what I meant. I meant every situation of depression is a little bit different. What works for one will not necessarily work for another.

I agree with Gabbi here. I have atypical depression, and my depressive episodes do not look like the "norm" for depression, if there really is one. If you consider the wide range of self-thoughts, past experiences, biological underpinnings including all the possible combinations of alleles and genetic markers, all the different AD's we may or may not be on in various doses, the differences in support systems, overall physical health, co-morbities, that enough? Depression has some common elements, but how it is experienced is unique to each individual. And what works or doesn't is unique to each as well.

That doesn't mean that what has worked for Rod and others is not valid. It's just not penicillin for depression. I'm allergic to penicillen anyway, so it's no magic pill for me.

> It requires thinking, and thinking requires curiousity.

Hmmm, as a graduate student, I think I can speak for at least myself that thinking sometimes is a requirement in and of itself. I may not be remotely curious about the subject, but I have to think about it. But then this is another semantic argument. ;)

> >
> > <<< Could I be sharing about something never heard before, even though someone had to have known about it, since I've been putting bits and pieces of it together for nearly 20 years?

Rod, perhaps you can be, but considering that you are basing this on your mentor's writings, at least in part, I don't know that you are sharing with us something all that earth shattering. You are sharing what makes sense to you. My own therapy orientation is what makes sense to me. It does not to my supervisor. I think we all tend to gravitate to theories that help us understand ourselves. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, the different theories are another celebration of diversity. But what works for one in one situation may not work for others. It may not even work for that same one in a different situation.

I think the difficulty some have with your theories is the way you present them. Theories are theories. They are not law. And when somebody seems to suggest that they know the way to our own happiness, it can feel off-putting, at least to me. Heck, I've worked with my T for over a year now, and I know I can still surprise him with some of my thoughts, issues, and feelings. His openness to being with me in whatever comes out is what makes him so special to me. He has theories about how therapy helps, but he has to listen to me to know how to apply them or when to modify his approach.

I'm sure that you value this as well. Communicating in this media is difficult, and perhaps your enthusiasm for your beliefs can add valence to what you are saying that you might not intend?





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