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terrifying experience (need advice)

Posted by tron22 on December 2, 2004, at 22:20:04


I'm a 22 year old male diagnosed with panic disorder, ocd, and depression about 2 years ago, although I never got on meds.. I also suffer from GAD, but basically I think I have symptoms from any disorder related to stress/anxiety. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has ever felt what i went through a few hours ago, which has left me a physical and emotional mess.... Here it goes:

Several days ago, after a lot of stress, I began to feel detached from the world (derealization) this feeling in itself is scary enough, but even though it is very frightening, I can deal with it. Anyways, I was lying in bed earlier this evening reading, and this very odd feeling swept over me, nothing like I had ever felt before. It was the most disturbing feeling I have ever, ever felt. My thoughts began racing, and suddenly, I felt as though I was losing my mind, and that all my thoughts were leaving my body, like my whole identity was being taken away, and I was just a shell (like my brain/body wasn't mine). I had no symptoms of panic (sweating, palpitations, etc.), and physically remained very calm during this whole ordeal. However, inside my head, I was going nuts/and it felt like I was turning into nothing, like I had lost my ego, and my entire identity was gone. I have had many horrible panic attacks in the past, but this experience was much different, and much, much, more frightening. I honestly felt as though I could not take another moment of it, and would go insane/collapse into nothing right then. I know it sounds very weird/Freudish, but it was a very real process, and was by far the most frightening thing I have ever gone through. Strangely, while I was going through it, I only had a nominal sense of fear; it was so intense, that I was more confused/agitated, because of how unbearable/intense the whole thing was. The fear set in when the feeling slowly subsided (about 30minutes later) I'm at a loss of words, and am hoping someone can relate or shed some light on what I went through. I should mention that I am not doing drugs, and am not on any meds. This is the first time something like this has happened, and I am very scared it will happen again. I still feel very, very out of it, and the thought of it gives me chills. So, if anyone could give me their imput I would really appreciate it.






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