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Re: Dr Phil, abuser

Posted by Shadowplayers721 on September 28, 2004, at 20:45:47

In reply to Dr Phil, abuser, posted by badhaircut on September 28, 2004, at 9:38:17

I don't always agree with Dr. Phil about a particular issue, but I feel the guy is really trying to help others. He claims to be a "change agent". He doesn't claim to be the usual type of chair therapist.

As far as showing this kids acting out with ADD, I have benefited from seeing it. I see kids act like that all the time. I don't think that I don't know a family without a kid that hasn't been dx with ADHD. I have seen the mothers interact with the kids exactly like the mom's on his show. I do believe the mom's would benefit from the show to see that they are not alone and what they can do to help the children and themselves. He does have follow up shows to show improvements on the kids.

Other disorders are shown on tv and it's not abuse, so how is it that showing ADHD is abuse? I have seen shows on Dementia and patients are not able to give consent. Their minds are not able to function properly and we the viewers see their deteroration for information sake. So, how is this any different. It is a mental condition. Unlike dementia, these children can improve.

The show that I saw on ADD also added information about the teachers and the school system. This is a major problem that will affect society. We have a whole generation being put on medication for a condition and we don't know the consequences of it. There are serious side effects. For some, I realize this may be a necessity. But how did the human race survive with out these meds and time out? Before tv was a baby sister? Before single parent homes were common place?

How is this generation so different than the others that parents can handle their children? The disorder has been linked to tv usage. There are so many questions to be answered, but part of finding the answer is identifying the problem. As was mentioned on his show, one child had symptoms more depression than ADD.

My mind is wandering here. I don't expect anyone to agree. I know Dr. Phil has his odd ways, but we all do. But, he is trying to help and that says a lot. How many of us can say we are trying to help so many with so many types of conditions? I like his simple no non-sense approach.

As far as people being on his show, some folks don't care about showing their stuff as long as they get help. We all have secrets, but they don't have any power when they are out in the open. I admire those that put their stuff out their and get help. We only live once, so who the heck will care if you were on his show 100 years from now? Hey, who the heck will care about this post then either?




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