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Wow, great questions/help plz

Posted by gardenergirl on September 25, 2004, at 16:42:42

In reply to Re: Time to decorate therapy office--ideas?, posted by shrinking violet on September 24, 2004, at 19:00:08

I love y'all so much! What wonderful, thoughtful ideas you have. Thank you, thank you. It's been so helpful. I was doing some shopping yesterday, and althoug it was fun, I did find it a bit of an odd sensation to know I was decorating something that wasn't just for me. So, lemme sum up your ideas to see if I've got it right, let you know where I am at so far, and ask a couple more questions, if you have the energy...

Okay, here's list of your suggestions. I consoldidated or used consensus, and hope I don't miss anything (oh, and cat is out cause I"m allergic and it would be alone too much...:(
alternate lighting

clock: in sight of clients AND T? I saw a standing clock that looked a bit like an oldfashioned English thing...a big round face on a light pole...would that be too weird? Otherwise just wall clock or one on table.

Options for seating: alas all I have is the two chairs, which can best be described as the kind of office chairs that one would have as a guest chair next to your desk. You know the kind? It has some fabric on seat and back, but uncovered arms and legs. Not very big and not all that comfy. I looked at chairs last night, but I think unless I find some garage sale ones, that will be out of my price range for now. :( I can try to bring a third one in so that there is an option. Anyone know a good place to get an inexpensive overstuffed or recliner chair? I think I will get a good ottoman, though.

Cushions/pillows: I still would like to have one or two to soften things up, but they wouldn't really go with the chairs. I was thinking of a large basket with a couple of pillows in it? More for the color and texture, but people could hold them.

Candles: I thank you all for feedback about scent...I tend to forget that not everyone likes to smell what I like. So I probably will have a few for decoration but not light them when clients are there.

Books on bookshelf: That's an easy one. Got tons. Just have to lug them in. Are some literature and other types okay, too? Just a couple.

Decorative things: I love the idea of something prehistoric or earth bound. I will definitely look for something like that. Also plants, natch...and I'll take care of them! (last year the office where I was had a majorly dead asparagus fern right in the entrance for about six months until I just pitched it. Director was too attached to it.) I love fresh flower idea and will bring stuff from garden when I can and supplement with others. Aprhodite, I saw a lovely copper watering can I just love, but it was a bit pricy.

Convenience things: kleenex, wastebasket in reach (hate when it's not!) pens, anything else? note pad and/or appt. cards?

Okay, my own ideas and purchases so far: I found a hanging Tibetan (I think) bell with a striker. My hubby laughed when he saw it and asked if I would "gong" when time was up! :) I just liked the way it looked. Very rustic and yet aesthetically if I meditate in office I may use it.

I am planning to enlarge some photos my husband took of our cherry tree when it was in full bloom this year. Gorgeous! They focus in on just some blossoms and you can see blue blue sky through the pinkish white flowers. I was thinking a cluster of four of these in matching frames. Mabye about 5 X 7.

I also picked up two small matted print/poster things. One has a bamboo plant on it and says "Keep a green tree in your heart and a singing bird will come." The other has a yellow impressionistic flower and says "I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile I keep dancing." Pretty appropo for me as I am a clutz but always try to play it off if I do something clutzy. AND, I just slipped on the stairs at home today and butt bounced down a few steps. Darn that worn carpet! So it says something about me, although I doubt I'll share that with many clients. My little secret.

I really like colored glass, especially blue and green. At home I have about seven different colored bottles on a shelves in my family room. I also have a clear glass vase filled with blue, green, and clear glass marble chips. I may do something similar maybe in a bowl on the table, so people can play with them if they want. Or maybe river rocks?

I found a rug I like. It's blue, teal, and has some peach and rose in it. Floral, which isn't what I would choose for my home, but I like that it's a bit different from the usual red/navy or black patterned stuff you see in traditional decor. It will go well with the teal carpet underneath. Here is a picture of it. Please tell me what you think? It's the Phoolwari rug

I also found these wooden monkey figures with articulating leg joints so they can sit on a shelf. They are the see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil monkeys. I love them, but do you think that might be too weird for a T office? I thought it could be a whimsical touch but what do y'all think?

I have a couple of sailboat prints/art that I could bring in, too. One is small print of a Van Gogh. Other is actually not sail boat now that I think of it, but rather a sunset on beach that we got on our honeymoon and currently don't have a good place to hang.

Otherwise I think I will raid my home for tchotkes (sp?) and try to get a good mix.

Now, how do I make this more multicultural and also a bit less girly? It seems very eastern and girly to me now.

Also, I just remembered I have this wall hanging from Peru my grandma gave my mom a long time ago. It's browns and tans and shows an indigenous woman and perhaps a house and some small things around her. It's an open weave, so the items in it are woven and the background is the warp (vertical threads) without horizontal weaving. I like it, but the colors would be odd given what I've got so far. What do you think? I could hang it near door?

Also, speaking of weaving, I made a woven piece in OTA school a long time ago. It's light blue, gray, and cream and has some nice texture variety. It's too odd shaped to be a throw, too wide to be a table runner. I could hang it on wall or drape over something. But, if someone asks, I would feel leery saying I made it. What if they hate it? Or feel obligated to say something nice?

Wow, lots of questions. I am enjoying this, and it's helping me to think a lot about myself. A good exercise. And I will will always have a piece of Babbleland with me, knowing how much help and input y'all gave.

I am very grateful.





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