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Posted by AuntieMel on August 19, 2004, at 12:00:26

In reply to Re: therapy debate gets 'raucous' badhaircut, posted by fires on August 11, 2004, at 20:47:44

I believe your block will be up today. Let me be the first to welcome you back.

Following are hopefully some suggestions about living peacefully in babble land;) Feel free to ignore them if you want, but .......
In case you are wondering about the latest block, please let me explain a bit. (Dr. Bob - please correct me if I'm wrong)

The problem isn't so much WHAT you said as it is HOW you said it. There are a couple of things to keep in mind.

The first is that this is, after all, a mental health site. By definition, those who find refuge here are experiencing mental/emotional problems. This means that there are, or could be people here who have a heightened sensitivity - compared to others they meet in real life. Babble, to many, is a safe place where they can feel free to discuss things they wouldn't dare discuss to even those closest to them.

The second is that a lot of the people here have been posting for quite a while. The other posters are like family to them - often better than their real families. If they feel that a friend or the friend's condition is being harshly criticized, they WILL rally 'round the friend.

Most newcomers start gently and wait to be accepted before disagreeing with much. And even then the disagreement is done gently.

So, back to the beginning. WORDING MATTERS. And a poster's history on the board matters.

So, for this example post:

>>>>> Glad to see that some are now wanting proof that therapies work! Yes, it's about time. No truth, without proof.

You could have said (and I think meant the same thing)

I loved this article. It's been my experience that proven, measurable therapies (like CBT) are more reliable than the others. It is good to see a large group of psychologists agreeing with me.

The first one (out of context, grantedly) could have been construed as personally critical of anyone using a more contemporary therapy method. The second leaves no doubt that it is *your* opinion.

The second part of your post, the quote from your former doctor, seemed a bit gratituous. It's a quote, taken out of context, from an eight year old book. And it really didn't seem as much an indictment of contemporary (eight years ago) therapies as much as an indictment of therapists that swallow a method hook, line and sinker without looking at scientific studies. The problem was the CERTAINTIES of the therapists, not the methods themselves.


Anyway, this is a lot more than I intended to say. It's just that I personally believe you have a lot to offer here and would like you to stay. Not blocked;)

I'll be away from computing this afternoon (therapy session), but I'll try to check back this evening.





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