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Bootstrap? Bootstrap Method?

Posted by 64bowtie on August 9, 2004, at 2:49:17

After 20% of my work toward acquiring a Bachelors in Business and recently a PhD in Education being the study of psychology, nearly 10 years over the last 35 years volunteering to help with suicide prevention, homelessness, along with person and substance abuse, "Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get along with your life" has been an imperative employed by the arrogant, the aloof, the insensative and the detached. It smacks of condescension and I would never stand for it.

That said, why would I stoop to that level? Why would I be arrogant, aloof, insensative, detached, and condescending and remain here? Why would I ever waste my time and your time herein to keep up this cloud of illusion? Please ask yourself why I am consistant and have never asked y'alls to deny your pain or your success. I never suggest that if it's popcorn, you assume it's really axel-grease. That's dellusional. Isn't there a whole chapter on dellusional thinking in the DSM-VI? I would never suggest dellusional thought.

My motives, feelings, and behaviors have been to inject results orientation where I find placation oriented discussions that historically turn a blind eye to anything unfamiliar. So, I'm unfamiliar. Doesn't mean I'm bad or corrupt or to be avoided.

Please don't say I'm wrong outright. I am just parachuting in with knowledge and success that is off many radar screens. Perhaps I have information you don't even know that you don't even know that you can't even guess at. I discovery new information like this every day, and even some nights occasional. Stuff off my radar screen.......

There is continuing scrambling to push me in to categories this way and that, probably because I threaten stability in an already unstable environment. I'm not whining, wah, wah, wah. I am asking for information from everybody. Is bootstrap a valuable label to you, or a derogation of my intentions, or something else, or nothing at all?

I hope that this sounds open-ended enough as to not be construed as controlling. I do focus on one small topic, bootstrap. I can intuit the connections accurately if you provide the answers. Give it a try. Is bootstrap a valuable label to you, or a derogation of my intentions, or something else, or nothing at all?

Lastly, I don't presuppose that I have any opinion about your experience because I wasn't there when it happened to you. Please don't even guess anything about my experiences because you weren't over here when it happened to me.

That said, I see my weak suit (bridge analogy, and I don't do good bridge), my weak suit is communication. I can't figure out what's important without help. Babblers are so generous with the feedback I sense I need. I hope y'all respond to my questions objectively and don't get intimidated by me. I want to do what I do better than I do now. Timing and comunication are my personal citadels, and at the same time my grail.

Thank god for the likes of Dr Bob for boards like this. I am welcome and so are you. Isn't that amazing?





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