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Re: technical questions [response]

Posted by 64bowtie on August 8, 2004, at 17:32:51

In reply to Re: technical questions 64bowtie, posted by Dinah on August 7, 2004, at 19:32:04

> But getting back to the technical question. Do you think it might be more productive to ask people if they would like you to assess them in a direct manner before you do it? Then if they agree, they (like Dr. Laura's callers and Dr. Phil's guests) would be more likely to take it well because they have an investment in taking it well. I would guess that most people who say "Sure, I can take it", would feel some responsibility to be able to take it well.

<<< I do apologise for my crispness. Thanks for pointing out just that very paragraph. No matter that DaisyM said I was entirely wrong or not, I was toooo sharp-edged. for that I apologise. your question: I have been lazy about asking for contracts here at "Babble", so now I'll try to shore-up and work on that. I feel we have an eye-to-eye agreement of sorts not to belittle or attack each other. It's working for us so far, perhaps I can get to at least that point with DaisyM. I make no bones about how much I admire your abilities, so you are in no danger of you and I really having a problem. I would rather block myself than to harm our dialog.

Please reread my posts to Aphrodite. I understand that this might S O U N D like hooie, but has worked for a known 720 resident clients at The Salvation Army Adult Rehab Center where David Peck LCSW/MFCC volunteered for eight years. The study was two years long with a two year follow-up. After that, David passed away. I am left with the study as part of his intellectual legacy.

Hmmmm... Am I the right guy for the job? I know I am. Some of the model is mine that I brought in along the way. DaMasio's name would have never come up without my suggestion. The rest of the work the entire study group filled in from their practices and reading. Suggesting a need for a rite of passage ritual to earmark the moment of adulthood was mine that I borrowed from Robert Subby MFCC, who I had met at a convention in San Jose, in Spring of 1989. But I digress...

Back to you, (((Dinah))). What part is your hubby playing in your recovery? You say he claims two books about DaMasio. I hope he rolls up his sleeves and is willing to work with you.

Way off the point: Keep an eye on the stem cell debate. I mean stem cell research of the placenta, not aborted fetuses. Aborted fetuses are good for the "bean-counters" but not mankind, because its so much easier to harvest eye cells for eye repair, or cells from the Isles-of-Langerhans in the fetus to repair diabetes. However, they still exist in the placenta, researchers just need money to find them efficiently.

I personally am anti-abortion in the long haul but pro-choice for the sake of individual women's rights, and mostly an advocate of de-mystifying the adoption process, which for 10,000 years worked good, until the attorneys got involved. They are the problem not just part of the problem. Crooked people can be dealt with when they act crookedly. $50,000 to adopt, is lurid and demonic. Toooo many kids are left to enter foster care because nobody wants to pay big bucks for an orphan beyond the age of reason.

I'll make amends to (((DaisyM))) but I'll let her set the terms. I'll even do dishes and windows (ground floor only).





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