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OK, let's talk about it..... gardenergirl

Posted by 64bowtie on August 7, 2004, at 3:50:31

In reply to Re: 64bowtie, posted by gardenergirl on August 6, 2004, at 20:44:28


If you ever fear that you are detecting incivility from me, I bet we clear it up as only a typo on my part. I do type with my elbows alot, sorta, in the wee hours, like

> I definitely have had similar experiences such as you have described in observing therapy and in doing therapy. Sometimes it's hard to mask that light bulb popping up over your head. And I definitely use things that resonated with me with my clients when appropriate, and use stuff that resonated with clients again. So your feedback loop makes sense to me.

<<< Isn't that a great surprise? I found joy in that giddy feeling that I've undergone something so new and so unexpected.

> I think I finally came to understand the core difficulty I have when reading your model--the "suddenly" part. It just doesn't seem plausible to me that "suddenly" someone can make a major paradigm shift just because someone points out the drives for their behavior or asks them to let go.

<<< The unpopular truth is that yes, it happens suddenly. One day you are messed up and the next day you are free and happy. There is an ongoing dispute as to how long that day really is, however. Never-the-less, when I looked back, it all seemed so simple and yes, sudden.

So, your point is clear and well taken. However, I'm not talking spontaneous. I am talking seems-so-sudden. Lots can go on to contribute to that magical big AH-HAH! moment. Its always preceeded by copious amounts of little ah-hahs, sorta like big Earthquakes are preceeded many times by thousands of tiny foreshocks as the offending plate loosens its grip on the moving adjacent plate. Then, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, (as it did to us for the first six seconds of the 45 second long 1989 Loma Prieta Quake. I was 15 miles from ground zero for that one, so I'm still shaking!!!)

>Would that it would. Cause I've got a lot to offer.

<<< I sensed this to be true about you and that's why I asked the question I did that you turned me down for.

You are gonna be good for all. This isn't tea-leaves talking. I see/hear clarity and comapssion in big doses. I am lacking in both categories. My form of involvement is less comapassion and more messing with people and their ideas. I am a technician mostly.

I am continuimg my contract with David Peck about discovering my charisma, even though he has passed away. I have a far-piece yet to go on that one. I have some resolution to my second contract with him. He asked me to work on my impulsive "class-clown" acting out. I joke a little, but not incessantly like in the past. Surprisingly, I'm still here and its gone. I don't miss it. So why did it feel so Ok all the time and now I don't miss it? That was all really quite sudden as things go. I just stopped wanting to be the joker-clown. It wasn't a genetic overhaul that caused that change in me. My sense of humor is still intact. I can still laugh at something funny, and laugh so hard I can't breath, like I have all my life... Sure feels good just thinking about laughing that hard!!!





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